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Poll: do you like or dislike this new update?

  • Like it.
  • Dislike it

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Just curious to see the general opinion of the new update. Hoping there’s more votes on the i like it choice haha

Personally if there were an option in choosing partially hate/love, t’would be my choice.


It’s way too early to decide. The arena won’t stabilize until people figure out what’s good and how to boost it. We’ve only seen one or two bosses. We don’t have the new stuff unlocked yet.

Personally, so far I love the global spawn changes, and raids seem fun enough. Few glitches to iron out but that’s normal with any big update.

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Too early to decide


At the moment I’m very neutral, I guess?

Boss raids are fun, but the rewards are garbage. All that effort for 50 Sinoceratops DNA? Really?

Arena has changed so much that I’m already getting frustrated trying to work out the new movesets now that they all have loads of different effects. And the resistances… Ugh. I thought immunity going away would be less irritating, but apparently not.


Yup, they couldve atleast made it better than the Epic Strikes, like 300 DNA maybe? The current amount would be understandable if the reward was a unique or a legendary. Right now Sino isnt even that useful anymore :rofl:

For me it said 50 dna but when I did it I got 432 Sino dna

The bugs are running rampant again. But on the bright side I like the new spawns and I like Tarkus’ slowing rampage (greater thagomizer).


I live in a very rural area and there were only a handful of creatures or so that I could get in my area, to get much else I had to go to town or the bigger city about 45 minutes south of me. I’m now seeing stuff I found in town in my area! I even saw a carbonos (the other turtle thingy) on my way to town and I’ve never seen one before!! So I’m loving that part of the update. I haven’t had time to really mess with much else yet. Now that I’m home for the evening I’ll be up for a while checking everything out!

Also is there a way to join a raid in progress? Would someone on my friends list have to have one active? Do the raids have limitations like the rarity or level?

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I’ve played new update for 10 minutes and I don’t like it. Way too busy, the taunt thingy is really annoying and the graphics/creature rendering overall look worse. Too cartoonish.

My first impressions, not good

I have noticed though that I haven’t had as many graphic glitches though while riding. At least the graphics are better in that aspect of it.

I’m not really sure yet.
Wife was home 15 min after launch so I’ve only done a few battles and 6 raids.
Raids seem kinda silly so far, but no one knew what they were doing but we still pulled it off.

Did they fix rubber banding?
That will play a key role in my user experience.
My L2 became L1 so I’m looking forward to getting a full tank of gas, Blasting Styx Pieces of eight on max volume, and relearning the lay of the land.
There will be at least two weeks of experimentation of arena fun before it gets stale again. So far every massive change inevitably gets stale once we figure it out.
Maybe not this time?
I’ll never know if I don’t play.
Wife is calling me to bed and I don’t know how I will sleep.

liking the raids and zone swaps. battles couldve been better if people didn’t boost the things right away, but that was bound to happen. I’m having fun trying out new teammates and seeing whats good. and what other people are boosting in the arena.


Lol ya speaking of just why, why would you waste the boosts

And out of all things dilophosaurs gen2?!

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So far there’s so many glitches and I can’t raid because I can’t receive invites or send them out. So I’m not liking it too much, but It’s only the first day, so I hope it works for me soon.

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At least, Magna I understand… The others???

Honestly idk either…

This why i like

I don’t get it?

I sort of enjoy it, but it makes me angry realizing that they made like half of the creatures in the game completely useless just to make a foundation for the raid multiplayer option. And moves like Stegod’s Resilient Rampage are way too overpowered. It limits the healthy variation of creatures in the arena. Which was already very limited.

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