[Poll] Do you still want campaign missions to be included in daily missions?

Interactions for sancs should include all 3 items and not just the interaction. This confuses people and I’m sure causes bottlenecking due to people not understanding it’s 1 item and not the 3.

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I would suggest making the campaign mission as optional in daily missions.

If you complete it, you will get some 100 coins of 5 HC, but it should not be mandatory in order to get daily creature DNA.

Please remove this terribly annoying daily campaign mission!

It’s a nuisance having to repeat campaign missions over and over to get the daily DNA.
Please remove them from requirements. Let us live in peace!

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how i deal with that:

  • select course 2, fierce.
  • select starter difficulty.
  • use phorurex and any other.
  • ko ankylossaurus g2 with priority rampage.
  • repeat this 2 or 3 times, depending on daily mission requirements.

Maybe an option might be to make campaign missions an optional extra. Complete your dailies and get the 100 DNA but complete the campaign optional to get an extra 20 DNA perhaps.

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That’s what I do, too. Still super annoying because, what’s the point of doing this nonsense? Other tasks can be finished naturally without thinking. Occasionally I forgot to do this pointless task then I missed the reward that day.
JWA is like a pair of pants that are full of holes that Ludia just doesn’t bother to fix.


Why should we do this meaningless things? It is better for Ludia to delete a daily campaign missions.