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Poll:Do you think DracorexG2 DSR should be removed?

  • Yes
  • No

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What is romeved? =D

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I feel like Draco Gen 2 should get Shattering impact and Dracoceratops get Rampage. Unless Dracoceratops gets a unique then Draco gen 2 should get Shattering Strike, Dracoceratops gets Shattering Impact and the unique gets Shattering Rampage.


We talked about this in another topic… a Unique with shattering rampage would be way too OP

I voted no 'cause I believe a simple two-turn pin would keep things balanced… Drac2 would be ONLY for end game and players wouldn’t be able to keep using the SIA on the same battle. THAT’S the real problem…


I still believe it hits too hard. Should be pinned for two like every other swap in and it should be impact or rampage but not dsr or isr


It’s just getting bound for 2 turns instead of 1. Calling it now. Also a staff member voted no so I don’t think it is :joy:


It’s unprofessional that a staff member voted on this. Any members from Ludia should not vote on their own game.

Additionally, if, in the end, the majority choose to remove the move but ludia doesn’t remove it in the next update, it can be interpreted that ludia turns blind eye to players.


Pinning two turns, or just x 1,5 or mabye both


They will remove it once there is no more profiting from it


Ups i’ll fix it


I find it unthinkable and intolerable that a common, I repeat, a COMMON can easily destroy a hard earned unique in a single move that you never even see coming… that little freak makes me so angry, who ever thought that this would be a good idea??


It’s not an idea, it’s another ‘gross miscalculation’ :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Just like Monomimus.


Yep, but they still haven’t fixed that dino either, not really, it’s still pretty OP and RNG biased.

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It’s good an ability. That is the problem. Make it a swap in ability with less damage and a two turn lock. Then it wouldn’t be too bad.


Stop whining and adapt to the current game maybe???!!!


It’s not like they gave Indo raptor sia dsr! Use a pinner lock and punish that little sucker and launch one of your own!


Remember when we had to learn to counter indom indo stegod dilo monomim etc list goes on of obnoxiously powerful creatures that can floor a whole team! getting guud has a new step now “learn to counter sia playstyle” remember those pinners your not using level one up and have some fun or get left behind in the constantly evolving meta! It’s been this way since day one! finally ludia gave new players a weapon that didn’t relly on the buggy af fusing process and new strategies are evolving enriching the game and your having a whine ROFL!!! Like most player have been telling ludia make the game more friendly to f2p and new players, they give those players one Dino and people loosing their hair over it!!!


No, I don’t think dracoRex Gen 2 should be removed, but I think whiners should be ignored. It is not hard to go out and collect Dracorex DNA… I see one or two every day …


i asume that you are using at least one dino with a pinning ability?