[Poll] Do you think we need a boost reset for the next update?

There will be more creature changes, new abilities, and new dinos. Do you think there should be a boost reset for the next update?

  • Yes
  • No

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This would really benefit other players with top dinos. For me, I just need it for removing the incredible amount of boosts on my t rex and put in on my new allosino.


Again, with the advantage tourney, the market is full of boost sales. When you can add 30 boosts to one dino, boosts become the key factor that if you can win or not.

Ludia keeps changing the abilities, nerfing and buffing different creatures, and churning out new dinos that are more op. The last update and the coming one will make probably 1/3 of boosts useless to many players. Money, AKA newly purchased boosts, becomes the determining factor if you can win games or not. That shouldn’t become the architecture of a game. More players will feel ignored and leave if short-term monetary gain becomes the main goal of the game.

Reset the boosts together with the next update! Please listen!


Since we don’t know exactly what’s changing in 2.10, it’s hard to say for that update specifically. But we were already due a boost reset for all the changes 2.9 made, so I’d say one is already warranted for that alone.


With the recent buffs and coming hybrids a boost reset would be very much appreciated


Every person should vote on this
… don’t ignore :blue_heart::purple_heart:

It would not be appreciated. It was already mandatory with the release of 2.9. Correcting a wrong does not make things right…

I’m kinda torn.
I’d like to strip some dinos and boost more relevant ones, but I’m kinda liking the different teams.
The annoying deer is only slowly coming into play instead of everyone fielding a max boosted one day 1.
But yeah.
It’s definitely a ploy to get us to buy boosts again.
I’ve only been buying FIP packs the last 6 months because the shuffles made buying boosts irrelevant.
Now my boost supply is running low.
Specifically attack.


I regret boosting my velosrhacos to 0/1/3 lol
And my dodocevia to 2/2/0


I think boost reset ruins the game because of the fully boosted apexes and the new uniques. No more boost reset is required.

Boost reset please! If we tenonto doesn’t get buffed, I’m unboosting it and will just boost ref

Plz show me if you do!

Ludia, please listen. A boost reset is long overdue. Over 90% of players demand a boost reset. Don’t pretend that you don’t hear anything when you churn out another update with the “exciting” marker feature and more changes to dinos.

No, the marker feature is not top voted, a boost reset is.


Yeah i will. I am gonna start the game a few minutes later.

We haven’t had a boost reset for 5 updates now. It’s bout time. I want to put them on the three new uniqes next patch

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Did you see the huge boost sales today? Unbelievable. We are played like violins.


That’s exactly what I was thinking. Normally boosts are only on sale on Fridays but somehow today there is a massive one!

Correct. It is massive!

Unpopular opinion, but I’d rather wait a little longer after the update before getting a boost reset, so that we can see where the chips would fall as it were, before removing boosts and committing them to creatures that may not be really worth it.


Basically i don’t want Boost Reset. I would prefer a Boost Shuffle Event.
I would like to try more than 5 Uniques out of my main Strike Team. The three new ones(if can be at team level) ,and Entololania ,Gemini .