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[Poll] Do you want 3 days for common or rare in a normal event week?

We have 3 days of common events two weeks in a row. We use to have 3 days to dart rare, but it seems the number of days has been switched between rare and common.

What do you prefer?

3 days for rare because most common dinos in events are abundant and thus not helpful, or
3 days for common because there are more attempts for common

  • 3 Days for Rare
  • 3 Days for Common
  • Other

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Nobody wants 3-days of common as the result showing now. Although when there are new, exclusive or valuable creatures, it’s good to dart common. However, most of the time, the common dinos featured in events are useless, such as the ones this week and last week. Very few players would try to dart, let alone finish these attempts.

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Still no vote for 3-day common.

Ludia, please reverse the course next time. Don’t make major changes simply because a couple of players suggested so. At least do a survey to see how others want before the changes.