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[Poll] Do you want another boost reset to happen?

Curious on community opinion.


A full boost reset? No ! But a season based Boost reset on a couple dinos and you get to choose regardless of how many boosts they have they are fully reset. Pretty simple to apply to every players account possibly then a full reset . This would be optional to use during the season at anytime.


Just my thoughts as spoken before.



Yes please I’ll sign up before 1.7


Because it will allow my opponents to get even stronger since they probably have more Boosts on the bench to reallocate than I do.


i dont… its the only hope i have for my dinos

I’d rather they were taken away, but I can see the argument for boost reset when Ludia keep messing about with ‘re-balancing’.

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Should be a boost reset every patch. That way people can change their team and use different dinos otherwise people are stuck with the same 8 no matter how many new shiny toys get thrown to us. Eventually they may sell boosts everyday and some whales can spend thousands or whatever but at that point they can just battle themselves as everyone else will move to the next game.


What I want is full Boost erase from the code


It may not be necessary to reset the boosts, it will become complicated to program. However create an item to buy that allows to “clean” the boosts of a dino and recover the boost points would be welcome …


All we have to do is call


nope,people using boost knew the rules.
Using boost for me just allow you to take advantage of your OP dino until the next season.
So ,its too late,wait for another patch for your “lovely” mono to climb back

The meta rebalancing punches whales in the gut.
Pound for pound, we lose more boosts this way than a F2P player.
If they decide to do a boost reset, I wont say no.
But it would seriously backfire against general pop when I immediately field 1.9 Endgame team with T7/8 across the board.
Think about what you are requesting.
As a whale, I’m sitting on a massive nuclear stockpile of boosts a good portion of which are locked away in retired dinos.
If you REALLY want to give them back to me… Sure! LOL


Nope. Maybe someday people will learn not to pile all their boosts into 8 to 10 creatures. But not likely any time soon.

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Funny how everyone who is answering on the forum says no, but the majority doing the poll say yes.

I would like to see speed boosts eradicated from the game full stop, but that’s not gonna happen. So yes, a reset would be good so that we, the players could use them more wisely. But more importantly, let’s redefine them.
Make the speed boosts reasonable so we don’t have heavy hitters running around like raptors.
Add the armour and crit boosts to relevant dinos. Make the boosts fit the Dino. So a tank could use health, armour, crit but not speed or attack as they wouldn’t be relevant.
If this had been done from the start the boosts would have been a good addition to the game instead if the farce they are now.


I think they should reset day 1 of every new “season”. I hear the argument about haves vs have nots but if you’re a whale you likely fight primarily other whales with similar boost reserves. I have about 12 dinos with boosts and I dont regret it but the point of a redistribution is to allow these new creatures a chance at making your team. Ludia has already knee jerked a few times because new dinos didn’t get used without taking into account why. Dino that have arena or event locked DNA and no available boosts will probably never see the light of day for us “normal” players rendering adding dinos pointless.

A big fat NO for boost reset and a big YES for boost removal or rework specially speed boost


Why just boost your unique creatures!! My team is fine!! Haha none have been boosted past tr5

I think because on the surface a yes vote seems obvious and doesn’t require an explanation because most are just looking at their own teams and thinking about getting back their boosts. The no vote raises eyebrows because not many think about the repercussions so it’s better to just state your thoughts to head off the “Why!?” questions at the pass.

Any other company?
I’d say just refund all cash spent on speed boosts and eliminate it.
Ludia?.. I’m somewhat less than optimistic that they can pull it off successfully due to their notorious track record for fiascos.
I would love to give them the benefit of a doubt, but I’m betting even the apologists are skeptical at this point.


Name of the game. Stop whining and buy more boost.

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When the boost were introduced, I never spend them on useless dinos (like Allo, Tany and stuff like that) only on super hybrids. Sometimes I see people with stuff like allosino or einiasuchus that are boosted like crazy and I don’t understand why, because they both have super hybrids that are better.