[Poll] Do you want the extra two hours for the next tournament or not

So the next tournament (tournament 3) will be extended by two hours because tournament 2 was ended two hours earlier than usual.

Do you want the extra two hours for Tournament 3 or not?

  • Yes, I like the two extra hours
  • No, I want the tournament to end on time

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I don’t really mind, but having it extended so I can atleast play during the break at my school, would be nice, for atleast the next tourney

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@E.D so it seems that the majority of the players don’t want the extra two hours, let alone consider that as “compensation.” Even if the result is the opposite, it’s still not right that the “compensation” would be the punishment to a significant number of players.

Why do some players want the tournament to stop on time? One of the reasons is that some don’t want to keep playing in the bathroom during work for two extra hours just to make sure they are not kicked out of the top 500 during the “compensation” time. Many just want the peace of mind that the tournament can be finished on time and that their ranking is secured. Another reason could be that these two hours are after midnight in Asia, so it’s unfair to Asian players.

I think that compensation should be something that has a positive value to almost all the players, something simple like an incubator, some HCs, coins, or Carno DNA. At least it shouldn’t have a negative impact on a lot of players, let alone negative on the majority.

Two extra hours on the next tournament doesn’t give my alliance the points we missed out on because one guy didn’t get his takedowns in before the last tournament ended early.

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To be fair, I don’t think 38 people are a “majority of players” lol.

You could say the same for US players that the tourney ends at 7 am for them :woman_shrugging:

I do agree with @Castal that it doesn’t make up for any missed takedowns because of it, but I think most people couldn’t care either way to be honest.

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Not gonna lie I dont see any reason to even get an compensation at all. As the poll points out many dont see a reason for 2 hours longer. Same I also dont see a reason why ending 2 hours earlier would hurt enough for any compensation.

I also kind a assume that if players dont battle in the first 70 hours then why would they suddenly do in those 2? And if so then I wonder if someone can explain why they even wait for the last hour to get there takedown? I personally dont see the logic in that.


38 people are the sample size in terms of statistics. When people do polls, usually only a small portion of the population will be polled. “Majority” means the Majority of the players polled are against the decision. People use sample size or focus groups trying to get the opinions that are close to the whole population.

Again, as I said, even the result is the opposite, it’s still not right that the “compensation” can affect a significant number of players negatively.

As for the time, yes maybe some US players like those two extra hours. However, “compensation” shouldn’t be something that is taken away from some players (Asian players in this case) and given to others. Compensation should be something that benefits almost all.

Some players waited until the time almost expires to get the 10-take downs, and others wanted to push further in the last two hours to get higher rankings because that may be the time worked for them. And then they found out the tournament ended earlier…

Nothing wrong with these people wanting some form of compensation, and it’s great that Ludia would consider this time. It’s just the “compensation” offered is not real compensation.

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No, I’m fine with it…I don’t wanna see caumoflage spamming sloth anymore…