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Poll : epic requests

Since they are only running one day shouldn’t they be able to requested more than one time like normal requests ?

  • Yes more than 1 epic request on Sunday
  • No one is fine

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Epic request should give you 500 Epic DNA if its once a week only

One is fine, I don’t see the problem with it. Everyone’s so rush rush rush these days.


It’s almost as if people do not understand that grinding is what this type of game is all about. They want everything for free, and NOW.

1 is fine. if your alliance is generous, you’ll get 250 exclusive epic dna. enough for a fuse and to get you started dna grinding in the sancs.


Once is enough
If you want more go and dart it or fip it ?

Isn’t that what a big part of the game is the hunt ?

Well yes. I also think one is ok

I’d say two would be best. It’s been shown to be viable.

rex is so rare for me. i havent seen a wild one in months the only wild epics i find are carbonemys!