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POLL: Erlikospyx HP increase

Just a simple poll. The Erlikospyx kit looks good to me but it’s HP is really low. What do you think should be done?

  • Nothing
  • 300 HP increase
  • 500 HP increase
  • 700 HP increase

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I feel like this is a boost issue more than a balancing issue. But both it’s ingredients have higher health, so I guess it is sort of deserved.


I am looking at Erlikospyx with 2350 HP and then at Pterovexus with 3243. Makes me think Erlikospyx really needs more HP lol

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Yeah, but the swap-in bleeders usually have decent-to-good health. And they need it too. Look at Scaphognathus and its hybrid. Darwezopteryx too.

I think nothing should be done to it. Every dinosaur must have something for and against them.

Where it is already a really fast dinosaur, and bound to go first almost every time (depending on boosts), it can increase its speed, bleed out tanks, reduce attack by 75% AND double damage passing through cloaks.

Lower health is a perfect counter for its amazing abilities.

OH, and it can’t be slowed down.


I disagree. Almost all other fast and top tier dinos have a lot more HP than Spyx. Even Procera has more HP as it’s only an epic dino. It definitely needs more HP…


It’s abilities are already so amazing, that it has been granted a Tyrant tier lol

Not it’s kit that’s problematic. It’s the immune meta that makes a lotta other things boring.

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Give it 3110 health, just so a velociraptor’s 3100 damage pounce can’t kill it. Let’s be honest, a common being able to one-shot a unique is kinda ridiculous.


True, but still it’s to low HP, even with the 75% damage nerf on opponent.

Needs more health but not sure how much.

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I’m glad that the JWA community are not ask to balance the arena.
Spyx need no change. It is already strong and a tyrant tier unique.
Dont try to fix something that isnt bronken.


I took a whole team out with mine and had half my health left. 28 unboosted.


I may like Spyx, but it doesn’t need more HP to do what it does best: fight tanks and Thors.

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If Erlidom got it, Spyx should too.


He is quite good as it is. I don’t think he need a health buff more than 150-200 health, and probably he doesn’t need any.

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I rarely see spyx on the arena, but i see erlidom a lot. I think It deserves the same buff treatment. Erlidom has a lot going for It now, immunity, high damage, decent hp for a glass cannon, cloak; Spyx has a great kit but the immune meta overshadows It. Imo It definitely needs a hp increase of 300 to survive better, possibly even a damage buff to 1550.


Asking for a buff to a tyrant tier dino isn’t good for balance. I’ve battles against a few spy at high levels and more HP would make it a joke. It already has a turn 1 rampage that can’t be dodged and effective speed. It is well balanced as is


Mostly because ingridients of spyx is much rarer, so it’s more hard to create it and keep on team level. I start see him much more frequently after a Dracoceratops change and he is good, especially if he is facing Tarkus, Tryko or Nemis. He also can do a lot of damage to IndorG2 and Erlidom

Perhaps, but If that’s the case, what does that say about erlidom? I think erlidom is fine, so in my perspective spyx needs a slight buff, not any exagerated buff

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