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(Poll) Favourite Darting Style?

Which of the darting choices do you find works best?

  • Default.
  • Rookie.
  • Veteran.

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Rookie: too slow to be usable I think.
Veteran: Weird. It’s like flying the drone through water. The moment you take your finger off it pretty much stops.
Classic/Expert: Really sensitive. Requires less finger movement than 1.11, best for leading. After the shot it keeps drifting in the same direction allowing for a faster lineup.


I choose the style it was way back before they decided to mess with it.

It has NEVER been the same since.

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i hate the drift of the drone so veteran was a blessing for me


Classic should have actually stayed “classic” meaning nothing should have changed on it. I’m getting used to Veteran but I’m really not a big fan of any of them.


I fully agree with both of these statements.

I yet have to try the veteran mode

It takes a little time to get used to but I find it much better

I like the veteran mode. The default one is too sensitive for my finger.


I like Veteran, it’s easier to align to the dot. Now if only the crosshairs had stayed white…


The Classic style is what I’m used to, since it’s what we’ve all been using since the game came out. I do wish, however, that instead of taking the time to create a new crosshair after 0 people complained about it that the devs would spend their time working on the bugs that numerous threads have been made about.


Veteran works a treat for me.
I would say I’m hitting 50% more direct hits now!


Torn between veteran and classic. Gonna need more time.

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I want the one from 1.11 back. It was perfect. I use Classic. The others are too slow.

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I am really liking Veteran a lot. I am super accurate with it on all my shots. I even made 288 on a Tarbo which I have never achieved before. I have tried classic as well as rookie and to me they felt both the same. They seemed to slow and stiff for my taste.

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Okay, I’ve made up my mind. Veteran it is. Especially since I do a lot of my darting from a moving vehicle, and it seems to outdo Classic in that situation.

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I agree. The dot is killing me, I keep thinking there’s something on my screen! And I think it’s weird the target not showing up til you get ready.

Finding my direct hits have gone up using veteran, and I’m pretty bad at darting. Tho I do find if it goes wrong its a lot harder to pull back.

Rookie is waaaaaaaay too slow. I still prefer regular but I could get used to Veteran if I tried

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The veteran needs to be able to force it, speed too slow.