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[POLL] Get Rid of Exclusive DNA!

What is the purpose of exclusive dna? It’s so that people are forced to spend more money to make any progress and that the big spenders always have an unfair advantage and keep spending. You shouldn’t be able to buy your way to the top because it’s unfair for everyone else. The whole exclusive dna thing reeks of profiteering. It’s a way for Ludia to keep making even more money with no regard for those who don’t have a lot to spend. I think it’s time to put an end to this problem. Do you agree?

  • Yes, I want change
  • No, I’m fine with how thing are

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I need a 3rd option. I’m fine with exclusives… there’s just too many.
Maybe lay off for a couple updates.
Or cycle them.
Every update, cycle X amount of local creatures with exclusives.


This, they need to be cycled more frequently than they currently are.


I just wanted to come show some of my exclusive dna and their hybrids. I don’t like them either but it’s all about how you use your dna, what you dart during events, using sanctuaries, and your request.

I have never spent a penny on the game.


Wait, titanaboa isn’t exclusive, I saw one on the map some time ago.


During a hybrid pursuit it is out or event but it is exclusive.


Oh I didn’t know that.

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All my unique are 25+ and my Cenozoic unique are all 22. I don’t want to level them higher because I don’t use them. I’m saving their dna for other hybrids.

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Exclusive DNA is actually good, it keeps you playing the game, you don’t have to spend any money on it either, because it is mostly sanctuary grinding, unless you buy the bundles, but the trainer bundles are often very cheap, plus some exclusive dna goes into hybrids you don’t need, but you just want for your collection, like testacornibus. Although maybe if they cycled in exlcusives onto the map every now and then to replace local spawns, then that would be pretty good I suppose.


Cycled? When?

Rhino used to be sanctuary exclusive and now its a wild spawn.

Same with Epic deer.


Most people refuse to hear long term play dynamic or fat/lazy tax.

They sort of put their fingers in their ears and shout “La, La, they want my money”.

It gives them a sense of self importance since it’s -their- money that Ludia wants.


I feel like I remember Dracorex being Arena exclusive long, long ago.
I could be wrong, my memory is terrible.
I found pics of early spawn mechanics… Dracorex is not among them.


IrriG2 was arena exclusive.


I don’t know if that really counts though. That was only two and I thought it was only for one update.

C’mon, it’s not only that. The fact that they want you to spend all your money and time in the game, plus the fact that until a few updates ago anything exciting was exclusive. There are sooo many exclusives, but then they give us the same ones over and over. When’s the last time Nasutoceratops was given out? Mammoth? Blue? - oh wait…

Exclusive dna is cool. Some of it, to sense you’re working at something, and some dna to sell for Ludia. Some things could come to the wild though. The real problem imo is there is too many of them. My votes would go to Allo g2 and Titanoboa entering the wild.

They could make it appear more, other than hybrid pursuits. Have some of them roaming a little more. Like that month of mammoth they had. Given a little access for like a month on epics not rares. Rares spawn too heavily for a month.

Anyway, some access allows for a more rotational approach. Which helps new exclusives show up a little easier. More thought could go into that. But month of mannie was a fun time.


Like mentioned, I remember the common irritator was exclusive and then went to the wild. But when it came to the wild I already had so much stockpiled I was confused to wonder if it actually was exclusive before lol

The woolly rhino as mentioned also was exclusive for an update or so then come the next update it went to zone 4…which is where I live and I had already used sanc items on it for a month or longer. :rage:

Brachiosaurus was also exclusive briefly if I’m not mistaken.

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They need to be tournament rewards again which makes them exclusive but accessible.

Who really want Weurho and Kelenken as rewards?


Exclusive creature is fine, they are just not distributed Evenly.
Example of this are blue,miragaia,and procerato. They are being featured so much it’s not “exclusive” anymore.
In the other hand there’s Diplodocus not being featured enough because there only ~3 weekly showcase that includes diplo.
And, it’s somewhat satisfying and rewarding when you get Diplodocus to lvl 20 by opening incubator and FIPing every day, that’s what i think makes exclusive ok.