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Poll: Have you bought any boosts in 2.0 (latest update)?


I wanted to make this poll to see how popular boosts 2.0 actually is.

I don’t make this poll to judge anyone, so please respect other players who decided to buy or stay out!

Have you bought any boosts in 2.0 (latest update)

  • Yes
  • No

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Way too expensive. Not worth it.


From what i have seen between the newest wave of negative play store reviews regarding 1.10 and this games not moving anywhere on the play store chart since 1.10 hit i feel like boosts 2.0 has not had the impact on their bottom line they had hoped.


No I prefer to earn them :+1:t2:


I didn’t and not going to buy anymore since Boosts 2.0. I used all my boosts now and still few in my team are unboosted. I am ready to go down in arena trophies then spending unlimited money in Ludia’s pit.


You mean by opening canisters?

Has the arena worked out well for you? Do you feel you have a good balance between boosting and the dinos you boosted?

I didn’t and I’m not going to. The game itself it too expensive, which is a shame cause I would’ve brought a bunch of things on it - boosts being one of those things. Plus I’m enjoying playing with my 99.5% unboosted team. It’s fun.


Yes, for sure. Though I still find many sky high boosted dinos. Mine are just not that fast especially.

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Boosts alone by themselves are too expensive and its a shame…making boosts so expensive they actually Limit builds…despite the new flexible system.

If i get a dino maxed . His spec is what it is… certainly not gonna spend 10 bucks or more to redo tiers.

Cheaper boosts would have gotten them more sales from those that will not buy at the current price point… and who have encouraged experimental specs… noones gonna test a crazy spec at 20 bucks a tier.

I can buy games for the price their asking for 1 tiers of boosts.


Exactly, at this boosts cost, I am sure most players are frustrated and too much tensed about who to boost and which dino not. I spent all my boosts after weeks of all this tensions and I am done with it.

Really I don’t care anymore about boosts.


Yeah but I’m F2P don’t buy the green I earn it supply drops playing the game so if I open the incubators it’s with the green I’ve earned not buying with real money


I’ve spent my green cash on more effective hunting.

Have bought and used a lot of small scents (5 min). I’m happy with that result. More epics then I thought.


yes!! especially after the 100% tapjoy offers.


I haven’t, because I don’t know what to boost, I have a couple I earned in the incubators sitting there because I am afraid to boost the wrong dino, specially because I want to add some new ones to my team and I am afraid I will lose half of them. My proceratomimus needs a couple un healt and speed but i am afraid he will be nerfed and then the boost lost.
I mean , I am enjoying the arena more now than before because the teams are more balanced , but it would be great if we could have the chance or a trial mode for a week, so you can try the boost in the dinos you want to give a try and then decide if you apply them for good or move on in other direction


Nope, and I’m not going to. I’m sick of boosts and the problems they’ve caused. I just want them gone. Only way I can see of having any impact is just not spending on the game.


I refuse to buy boosts from the store at the price they are selling them for. I do speed up incubators though because that’s the only other option. They basically crippled the game with this update. It’s nothing but a boost grind now. So boring.


I’m not buying boosts in 1.10. Was buying before every week one or two boosts with earned cash.


Agreed @TheMaxx , exactly this.


Don’t see any reason for buying boosts. They make fake feeling that you are higher in the hierarchy, but in reality place mostly depends on team level and quality. You still need to play 10 battles per day on average to get all incubators which might help you to level up team. With boosts you will have slightly higher trophy, but it not going to make leveling up faster.