[POLL] How about a Unique/Epic/Rare tournament

Would you like to see a tournament that allows Unique/Epic/Rare creatures only?

  • Yes, because this means it excludes DC & DG2
  • Yes, although I do not have a Unique I can still participate
  • Yes, because I like any kind of tournament
  • No, because I only have common creatures and thus cannot participate
  • No, simply no

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Any suggestions/remarks etc, please feel free to shoot.

Mm but it would be good if all dinos are at equal level


I suggested this somewhere. It would be fun if you could choose 2 commons, 2 rares, 2 epics and 2 uniques (or 2 more epics if you don’t have uniques) and most important of all: no boosts. Preferably also everyone lvl26, so there is a chance for everyone to win


I have no issue with rats. But really enjoy these random rules tournaments.

Very good idea!!

P.S. You need to say if boosts and default level etc. But whatever make it happen.

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Also a rare + epic would be nice too, because most epics won’t really be able to face the uniques, but some legendaries would. Note that with rares you still have attack upon entry coming from Dracorex G1 and Kaprosuchus.

Make more EQUAL LEVEL tournaments.


I’d prefer to have Dracocera in my line up, but it’s not that big of a deal.
I’ll just throw Monosteg in.
Boosts and levels would be nice too, but I don’t really see me NOT participating in any tourney.
Free stuff is free stuff.

Same level means there would be more speed ties and it becomes a finger tapping race. Default levels without boosts may be better.

I quickly bore of the same level ones - too little creature variety (they are clear favourites when you purely consider stats and movesets) and too many speed ties.

Don’t like boosts fullstop.

Personal favourite is default levels - good variety, limited speed ties and rewards people who have actually gone out and hunted.

Looking at mechanics there was nothing wrong with trophy level matchmaking and +/- 30.


In all honestly, I forgot about adding tournament conditions like that. I came up with this poll just because we cannot deny that DC/DG2 is subject for discussion. A unique/epic/rare tournament is the easiest way to exclude them from the tournament and the poll result gives insight if people would like to see such tournament for that reason or not.

On the other hand I would also love to see tournaments that - for example - are free of dodge/cloak creatures or chompers. I think that if you exclude particular creatures from specific themed tournaments, it makes people think about their team selection and possibly adds soo much more variety and fun to this game.

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I would like this and have opted to not get into that many tourneys in general. If it was boost free and not equal level it would be worth trying. Some don’t have uniques so the reward tiers could include everyone somehow.

Yes, but as far as I believe you wont hear anyone compain about DG1 and Kapro’s Swap in Damage move. Perhaps because these moves have less impact on the game (only 1xdamage) and thus are more acceptable, or is it because these dinos are irrelevant?

In case of the latter, what if some relevant dinos (legendary or unique) would have swap in damage moves that only do 1x damage?

As long as they don’t allow boosts… because then I have bad news for them.

I’m curious about Ned’s team now :slight_smile:

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:sweat_smile: Oh no, hide the results!!!

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I’m not sure that the opinion of someone who only has commons in their team is worth considering to be honest .
When my son started playing he had his first rare by the end of the first afternoon playing !

Yeah but… Ned! I imagine his team consisting of level 30 tier 10 boosted Lythronaxes and Diplocaulae.


I wish! @Tielenaar. :rofl:

On a more serious note, that was the answer I liked the most. However, I do really like the Tournaments where we get to use dinos we don’t really use or see that much in the Arena.


Well if that’s the case , surely the best answer would have been to say yes to the first option which would have eliminated the rat that is in just about every match up in the arena .

yes allow uniques. They haven’t had a turn yet.