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(Poll) How content with current boost system are you?

  • Refund all boosts, keep current system.
  • Refund all boosts to reflect new system.
  • Allow personal boosts to be refunded without loss but only within 30 day period for the entire account.
  • Boosts are fine in current system. No refunds.

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Let’s be real: they aren’t going ANYWHERE, hence why I didn’t include removing them entirely as an option. I’m being realistic here.

I personally think the current system is established enough that we shouldn’t complicate matters further by having Ludia rework them AGAIN. But, as we’ve seen, we are now used to the idea that power creep in the form of newer and newer hybrids makes for a very daunting progression and overall meta. Creatures such as IndoG2 completely INVALIDATE old staples we’ve had on our team for so long and they show no signs of any respectable nerfs to it and similar-case examples.

By being refunded our boosts, knowing what we do now about the design philosophy at Ludia, we can make an informed decision on how to allocate our boosts so as to anticipate and more easily live with our decisions when investing our piddly trickle of valuable resources, barring whales who just go gung-ho burning holes in their pockets with all their expendable cash which will ALWAYS be an outlier problem and not representative of the commonplace reality most of us face day to day.

So, what about the rest of you?

PS: The ‘30 day’ option is basically if you want to refund, you refund any lump sum you want but then you’re locked out for the duration.

I think that they should just use boosts for personal battles(strikes and campaign) since people are complaining that others use boost to make undefeatable dinosaurs to use in arenas. Just remove them from arena then less people will complain

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I agree, add them to friendly battles, keep them in strike towers, remove them from battle arenas. Just my opinion…


The current system of boosts is fine in theory, but it leaves an entire class of dinos in hot water. Speedsters aren’t great since they need all 3 stats to compete. I also think the amount of stat gain is absurdly high. +40 speed, +50% attack, +50% health is way too much. reduce the influence of boosts and i think they could be fine.(also refund people because this will be a mess).


The rending counter creatures benefit enormously because it’s just hp boosts.

I want speed boosts gone, personally.
But if they must stay, nerf the Deceleration percentage. This would force tanks to invest in speed, potentially forcing Chompers to, too.

It could fix the speedster issue.

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