POLL: How do you want to acquire new creature DNA?

Tick all that apply:

  • Hunting and darting
  • Opening incubators
  • FIPing in sanctuaries

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A bit tongue in cheek this one but lets see what people want in this, you know, dinosaur hunting game …

No option such as “imagination”? Unprofessional…

Hunting and darting, BUT I don’t mind that it’s event only. Not everything should be farmable to the max at introduction.

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Were is the battle option?
The battle system is the only fun part for me.
Sure boost killed arena, but i would like to get more dna when i keep fighting the whole day

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That would be: Opening incubators. You earn incubators for winning battles. You have the option to open them early.


I ticked all 3 options but I really think going out hunting should be the primary method which means NO exclusives.


hunting and darting mainly. I also don’t mind having to open arena incs to get some creatures. (save for freaking irritator.)

Well incubators can also be used with money.
And i dont want more pay to win options.

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The daily hunting grind I’ve done since day 1. Incubator/arena exclusives are tolerable.

I’m bored of FIPing for all this exclusive dna…


Mainly hunting and darting. I wish that there were local scents. I don’t mind walking, it’s a good excuse to take my dog out, but the current success rate per scent is very low.
I like incubators also, the gamble is fun. :smile: FIP grinding is very unfun.