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Poll: How gaining coins is important to you when you donate DNA


Hi! Just a little question:

How much gaining coins is important to you when you donate DNA to other members of you alliance?

  • Very important
  • Somewhat important
  • Not very important
  • Not important at all

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I chose very important :slightly_smiling_face:.
I love my alliance!


I went with very, but not for the personal gain aspect. I think it’s an incentive piece for casual players to donate as much as they do, and also a nice kickback from the game to recognize that getting the DNA is not without cost - even it’s only in time and effort.

The relatively low amount does this nicely without making it as easily abused by certain… types… of players from mystical locals.


Very. Every cent is welcome in this game.


This is my point of view, but I feel people in my alliance act like it’s not a big deal…


If you just gave DNA but got nothing for it, it wouldn’t be worth doing. Getting something back is what keeps people sharing.


Any coins are good coins to me. That being said, I’m more concerned about the type of DNA being requested than the amount of coins I’m getting—I don’t have tons of Kaprosuchus DNA to give out, but I don’t have a problem donating things like Dracorex G2 or Parasaurolophus.

Coin value is a non-factor for me if I can’t afford to donate a specific creature’s DNA.


I donate anything I’m not going to use, and would do so regardless of coin rewards.

However, the receipt of coins also convinces me to sometimes donate something I’m going to use later (e.g. Tarbosaurus) that I know I can replenish easily enough. I’ve well and truly hit the coin wall and every little bit counts.


I think that the coins are a nice incentive, but I really enjoy knowing that I’m helping someone to unlock a particularly useful dino. We’re currently helping an Alliance member to unlock Allosino! :smiley:


Getting coins back for giving dna is not a donation, you are basically selling dna.

Having said that, I like the incentive, and it helps encourage people to do it and so helps the alliance more.


i just donate as much as i can if i could


It’s all about the coins. I max out all dna regardless if I need it. I can easily get more dna coins is another thing though


I think they should up the amount just a tad. Not much. Just so it gets even more people donating.

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I agree. Hundreds of coins for donating are a drop in the bucket when you need tens of thousands to do anything.