[POLL] How long do you want to have Daily Special Events time: 24 or 12 Hours?


I hear different stories about the duration of the event.
I have created a poll that you can choose between 24 hours or 12 hours.
I am curious about the results.
Thank you for your vote :wink:



Pointless poll since 12h is temporary until they can fix a bug. The intention is 24h but they need to fix bug that forced all supply drops in certain locations into being event supply drops which prevents any non event dinos from spawning. I’m sure you wouldn’t be happy if you could only catch 3 in a day because everything was event and limited to number caught and nothing else could spawn


I haven’t heard it being a glitch.

I would like to see the event dinos disappear after you hit your limit.


I agree 24 hrs should be ideal, since many people work and can’t get too special locations. Also it’s very frustrating after you maxed out your event and the event dinos still show, it’s a tease…
Also why only 3 attempts in some cases? Why not 5 or 10… 5 for rare dinosaurs and 10 for common.

Just a thought


They should not have changed it mid event. Should have just let this event play out as was, and make adjustments for future events. You don’t just change the rules midgame to suit whiners.