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[POLL] How many desired common you get from the Green Poles this week?


I wonder that anyone can get all 48 common that they want (someone want galimimus, but mostly i think they want dilo gen 2) due to the huge decreasing amount of Green poles and less percentage of finding some dinos (i think this week dilo gen2 had least percentage)

  • 1-10 common (only dino that you want)
  • 11-20 common (only dino that you want)
  • 21-30 common (only dino that you want)
  • 31-40 common (only dino that you want)
  • 41-48 common (only dino that you want)

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I have a job. I cannot dart all I want.


I only got up to 10 mostly cause I didn’t go outside for the most part. I did get 8 Dilo G2s and 2 Gallimimus. Also darted a Trex but that’s unrelated.


Even walking all day (I’m at vacation now) I could dart only 23. They greedily reduced event SD so that players would have to buy incubators, that’s not surprise for me.

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Only got enough dilo gen 2 for 3 fuses that’s 8 I think and I was passenger in a car and didnt see that many green spots… don’t know what they are thinking


Out of 38 supply drops where i am.this week just 1 green supply drop. There was 4 at the statt of the event then 3 now 1. And dilo gen 2 was rarely there

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Well I voted 31-40 and have given up with this BS hunt at 32 Dilo G2s. May get one more if one spawns at the supply drop within reach of my desk. Lets hope the rare Dilos are going to be more plentiful.

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I only got 25, and my entire day is driving around basically. Especially during the week. I rarely complain, but this was a cheap move. I normally have multiple green stops in my neighborhood alone. This week so far I’ve had one.


I managed to dart a total of 12/48 this week. 5 of them galli (I already had 35k DNA) and 7 dilo g2 which was the one I needed (and still need, obviously). 1 green pole in a radius of 1-3 km is not a far distribution.

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Terrible. I drove around for 3 hours and only found 15 dilo.

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Didn’t get what I want because there aren’t enough green drops any more.


Monday got 10. Was great. Tuesday all the event spots near me poofed.

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So. Very. Few. Green. Dinos. :frowning:


I ended up getting 41 dilo, but only after a lot of driving and looking. 12,500 DNA. And a level 19 Tyranno to show for it that I’ll never use until I can get the unique.


Hey DPG members,

I’m sorry to hear that so many of you have been seeing fewer Event Supply Drops in your area!

Our team is dedicated to creating the best of experience for all of our players and would like to closely investigate these cases, so if you could reach out to them at we would really appreciate it. Please include a timestamp for when you noticed that there was a lack of ESDs, and any screenshots that you might have would also be super helpful.


Thank you for responding LUDIA team.

Sadly not many of us have the screen shots etc.

As a general guesstimate the drops were noticed to have thinned out around the time this week’s line up rolled out.

BTW forum this is a good example of how you get attention and things done the originator stated a clear problem logically and gathered evidence of it.


46/48 mostly Dilo 2, some Mono 2 for the alliance. I worked all day both days and put over 4 hours and 1/4 tank of fuel into it which is something I couldn’t do very often for sure. There was definately a shortage on green drops in comparison to other weeks. Big difference between Monday to Tuesday as well.


The green drops were already few and far between when the common green supply drops started the week. Then on Tuesday, a few hours after the one common strike tower that was scheduled to be out (according to the official Ludia calendar that gets posted on Facebook and Twitter) a second common strike tower that was identical to the first showed up and covered most of the remaining green drops. I’m sure Ludia can look at the logs and see when this unscheduled strike tower showed up and that will tell them exactly when most of the remaining green drops went away.

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Yeah. That’s what happened to me. I only got one Green Box from a 300 meter radius out of the entire map. And then, when the strike tower came up, it disappeared. So then, for the whole two days, I just didn’t get any dinos. Same thing for today, since the only one near me is about 200 meters from me.


Looks like no more stationary dino hunting for me.

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I checked around. Only 11 of 110+ SD are green. And 2 of them are in a park where you have to buy a ticket.
So it’s 10% only around here.