[ Poll] Ludia, can you show the actual DNAs for the creatures instead of 100000+?

Showing 250000 instead of 100000+ doesn’t take any extra space, so what’s the point that we cannot see the actual DNAs?

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  • Please show actual DNAs
  • Keep as is ( something like100000+)

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You can see total amount in the DNA request page.

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Then it will depend on what creatures members request. My alliance focuses on coin trade, so members don’t request a wild variety of dinos.

When you have over 100,000 DNA I’m not sure it matters exactly how much you have.

100K DNAs cannot bring a rare to lv30. If that creature is needed for several hybrids, then you need a lot more. Seeing the actual amount of DNA can help you to plan better.

In addition, without seeing the actual number of DNAs, you don’t know when it will max out, so will just keep darting for nothing.

The thing is, what’s the point for Ludia to hide the actual status? What’s the advantage of it?

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I think they’re just limited in the number of characters. It would be nice if they expanded the amount of DNA by at least one digit, or showed the full amount on the creature screen. But overall not seeing exactly how much DNA you have doesn’t hurt the player experience as much as other factors. That’s not to say they can’t address the DNA amount shown though: it should (in theory) be pretty easy to do. But in terms of things I’d want changed in the game, I don’t rank it very highly.

The thing is 250000 is actually one character less than 100000+, so that’s why I don’t understand why.

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Yeah it shouldn’t be that hard, right? If they can do 100,000 they can do up to 999,999. So maybe it only does 99,999+? I can’t remember.

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100000+ not 99999+, so that’s why I don’t understand why it cannot show the actual numbers up to the max. I think the max is 250000 in this case.


I don’t think it makes much of a difference but it would be nice to see exactly how much DNA we have.

Mainly 2 benefits:

  1. Easier to plan when you can see actual numbers
  2. Stop darting when it reaches the max (now you don’t know)

On the other hand, I don’t know the advantage of not showing the actual numbers. It should also be a very easy fix to Ludia.

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Yeah it should be up to 999,999 (or even 9,999,999 if you use the spot taken by the +) then, so the character limit is weird. Huh.

Yes!! We need to see the actual DNAs!!

maybe this did make sense when jwa released in 2018 and they just didn’t change yet (like many things not touched for years now).
just guessing by the way…

Seems the majority of players want to see the actual count. Is there any procedure to bring this to Ludia? It should be a very easy fix.

Yep. I don’t understand why the visual cap for commons is 250,000 but the actual cap is 500,000. Just show me exactly what I have until I hit the actual cap, please.


My biggest issue was with Para Lux.
“Do I have room? Or do I need to level this guy first?”
Turned out I had room, but there was no way of really knowing till it got a hybrid.