Poll: Missions – what should be done?

Missions have been reworked! Check out the Update 2.16 Known Issues topic.

I’m not getting anything like that now myself.

It’s better because it’s not chore now. It became easy.

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Why? There’s campaign.

There’s Epic test. Like someone mentioned above, you can do the same until required number.

Okay so missions started out being ridiculously hard or totally impossible( because of attacks no longer in the game) and swings to ridiculously simple. At least you are trying!! I will have all of my missions completed in 3 days. That’s weekly and monthly. Hey, we know we’re going to get the stuff if we keep trying. A lot of us do anyway. Just don’t use moves, and you won’t have to update missions when you update the game.
Just wanted to let you know that I see your efforts.

please fix all long standing issues first…

Yes, my 2 monthly tasks are the easiest I have seen. But Ludia may have done this on purpose because we will complete them before the new season begins so the pts won’t go towards the new season!

I have:
Dart 1000 velociraptor dna (that means dart 3 velociraptors)
Fire 850 darts

Now I can deliberately not dart velociraptor so that’s handy, but how simple could this be in 1 month. The fire 850 darts though. I will have to not play the game for a week to not achieve this before the new season.

Ludia, should line up the monthly and the relevant weekly in line with the new season to stop this from happening.

Having said that, I prefer what we have now to what we had before. I have achieved every daily/weekly/monthly since it began. Initially there were some ridiculous ones, but seem to have stopped now so I’m happy.

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Only reason it’s going to take me 3 days is because one of my weekly missions is to complete 15 daily missions.That is all that is left to do in weekly missions. The only monthly missions that are left is to collect 1400 darts. I have over 550 now and I was just doing dart replacement from supply drop and opened incubators. Wasn’t really trying too hard for them. I could hit the drop every 15 minutes too.

Honestly I think that with the missions like they are people will play more because they aren’t worried about the missions. People were going a little crazy over it. One person threatened to quit.