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Poll: New animations


  • Oviraptorids (Oviraptor, Rinchenia, Gigantoraptor etc)
  • Therapsids (Moschops, Scutosaurus, Estemmenosuchus etc)
  • Gorgonopsids (Gorgonops, Arctops, Dinogorgon etc)
  • Frogs (Beelzebufo, Triadobatrachus etc)
  • Birds (Archaeopteryx, Confuciusornis, Ichthyornis etc)

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  • Ichthyosaurs (Ichthyosaurus, Opthalmosaurus, Shonisaurus etc)
  • Whales (Basilosaurus, Livyatan, Dorudon etc)
  • Sea Scorpions (Jaekelopterus, Pterygotus, Eurypterus)
  • Anomalocarids (Anomalocaris, Peytoia etc)
  • Nothosaurs (Nothosaurus, Lariosaurus, Keichousarus)
  • Small Sharks (Stethacanthus, Hybodus, Cladoselache)

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  • Flying Birds (Haast Eagle, Argentavis, Teratornis etc)
  • Turtles (Meiolania, Carbonemys etc)
  • Horses (Hipparion, Merychippus etc)
  • Megalania

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Sorry if I forgot anything


You mean new creatures, not animations

New creatures with new animations.

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We must have Oviraptoridae in this game.


I think the nothosaurs would use the same animation as Leptocleidus.

Although i think Gigantoraptor will probably get the therizinosaurus animation since his to big to be implemented as a normal oviraptorid

I think Dourodon should be placed in a different group called sma whales with Squalodon and Odobenocetops

Its so hard to choose one in bethween so many cool choices here

That never stopped them with Dracorex and Stygi

That was because pachy already that hadrosaur animation

Actually, it’s the other way around, hadrosaurs have pachy animation (only exception being Edmontosaurus)

Yep but still Gigantoraptor would more fit the therizinosaurus animation. Considering that they are gonna copy jwa oviraptors it just wouldn’t fit Gigantoraptor

Am i the only one who thinks paleozoics should have there own thing? And not be in with the jurrasics, heck even move dimetrodon and others, as well as, basicly most amphibians to the paleozoic thing.

Also i honestly think it’d be cool if argy had it’s own rig with teratornis and other vulture like creatures while haast has a seperate eagle rig, but idk thats just me

The problem is that dimetrodon and all the other creatures of that animation were put in the land creature category. So the only two major groups that are left from the palaeozoic era are gorgonopsids and therapsids wich will probably been put in the dinosaur category like in jwa as well. Of course there are still the giant insects but the only larger insect group from that time are griffin flys (Meganeura etc). Pulmnosocrpius and Arthropleura are the only other recognizable giant insects. So the problem with a Paleozoic faction is that there are basically not enough creatures even if gorgons and therapsids are put in