Poll of Interest?


Hallo everyone! i put down a list of what people want and thought perhaps we could vote on it? and give the devs a better understanding of what we would like added. I will give alittle info about some of the topics that might be confusing:

B = Eggs that you walk to hatch to get dinosaurs
C = Hatchery could work together with eggs to incubate special dinosaur DNA perhaps even hybrid DNA of your choosing?.
D = Mix Gen 1 and 2 together and get some Gen 3 dinos, this way could get cool dinos out of the “useless” ones.
G = Flares would attract dinos to your location, perhaps you have to attach them to a supply drop. They would be rare to get or you can buy them from the store for Cash.
I = Upgrade your drone to either get increased range or longer flight time. Darts to slow dino or get more dna perhaps?
J = Sell DNA for a low amount of cash or perhaps incubators for like 1/4th of the incubators normal golds…
L = you get more dna from hybrid fusions the more you have done it?
M = Put shield into the already featured battle calculator. Right now shield is not in the calculation when you can see how much dmg your dino does.
O = Sort dinos by either health, Attack, Armor, speed?

Anyway i hope you agree with this and you all show alot of activity.

  • A Higher Dart Capacity
  • B Eggs
  • C Hatchery
  • D Gen 3 dinos
  • E Aquatic Beasts
  • F Flying Reptiles
  • G Flares
  • H Dino Names
  • I Special Drones/Darts
  • J Selling DNA/Incubators
  • K Higher Gold cap
  • L Better fusions
  • M Battle Calculators
  • N Surrender button
  • O Sorting system

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A lot of great ideas ! Hopefully they put some of them into the game. It would be perfect


Thank you i Really hope it Will work! But it will require all of us. :muscle:


Great poll! I would love to see some different types of dinosaurs like the flying or swimming ones. I am currently in arena 5.


@Ned could you forward this to The devs mate? :grin: perhaps even you guys making a more official one?


I thought shields were already calculated… but I might be wrong. And when it comes to sorting, forget about sorting for attack of health. That would be chaotic anyway since it depends on level. But we need to be able to sort dinosaurs better, it’s chaos right now, when you have collected more than 40 you can go crazy looking for a specific one. A tool to sort them by categories of our choosing and in the order of our choosing is needed ASAP.


Indeed that could be helpful! Glad to hear your feedback mate :+1:


Perhaps a cool feature could be Coop strike events? Like take Down a large flying reptile to get The first dna towards it :blush:


I would love to Play with friends and family :blush:


Great work! I’d love to see most of these features


Which one would be most important in your POV? :wink:


You forgot “less crashes/freezing” in your poll. Because this app is just ridiculous in this regard.
Also, some actual player interactions would be nice. Trading Dna, battle someone close by or something like that.


I’d like to add another very important feature. Timer, that shows how long dino will stay. It’s so annoying when you see some epic dino, go outside and it despawns in front of you.


True or perhaps The dino slowly fading out, to show it is dissappearing soon, i Think a timer would kill it


Yes some people is having trouble with this, but i guess it is more a bug fix than a feature implemented? :thinking: