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[Poll] OP Dinos Rework

testa gets destroyed by all which has great damage because in a few blows he died

Testa itself does way to much damage for a resilient, especially given that it can easily endure in battle long enough to cycle its 3x move while also applying vulnerable.


But most testa aren’t even going to be boosted because of the lack of a boost reshuffle. And pretty much any pure fierce can kill it.

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I guess it all depends where you are in the arena. All I know is that lv 30 max boosted the thing is a scourge, moreso than other maxxed creatures. It can recover an absurd amount of health and survive long enough to sweep teams. And due to the fierce vulnerability nerfs, it can regularly take down its counters. And if it’s in trouble the opponent can swap into something that hard counters the few viable fierce, such as SR3 or the rhinos.

Testa’s buffs, in conjunction with the fierce nerfs and the current meta combine to make it OP.

I feel like the creature itself isn’t broken, but the lategame meta doesn’t have the stuff to counter it. Testa has a decent amount of counters, but those counters die to everything else and are therefore not viable.

  • absurd amount of health * 800 HP what

Don’t forget dig in,the on-escape healing, and swap in healing. Its effective HP is much larger because of all of the healing abilities. It also has some of the best resistances in the game and a precise 3x move. It’s very fast for a resilient creature (and can become even faster thanks to dig-in) and has the highest % armor in the game. Overall it’s OP, and the current anti-fierce meta makes things much worse.

There’s literally 3 good pure fierce in the game. Let’s go through them shall we?

  • Indominus Rex Test can bypass the cloak with literally every hit.

  • Thor It’s just garbage and can be made Vulnerable now.

  • Mort Too less health.


Skoona and testa rework is the most appalling thing I’ve seen all year

“there’s literally 3 good pure fierce” “Thor its just garbage”

Also both Mort and Thor kill testa before it can use devastation.

I feel like they should just buff fierce instead of nerfing resilients, that’s what they should’ve done in the first place instead of changing resilient moves.

Also Entelolania beats it

Same with Arctov, Dio, and Grypo