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POLL - Patch oriented boost

Hello JWA community,

it´s been a while since I have this in my mind, maybe I am not alone, but I really would like to know what do you think about this:

Should be boost just patch oriented only and reset to 0 for everyone after every new patch is released?

  • YES
  • NO

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I know there will be answers like “boost should not exist at all, poor Ludia´s decision, I am leaving JWA etc.” but let´s think about what can help both sides. Ludia said boost will stay and I quite understand they need some kind of “income”.

My opinion is boost should stay, but it should be only patch oriented. In every patch there are release notes, your already boosted dino get buff “YEAAAA JWA is the best game ever!!”, your already boosted dino get nerf “I am leaving … Trash game …”. I think patch oriented boost only, if they warn us before, should be great solution of the problem. New dinos will be relevant, not stay behind on the bench because ur Thor already eat all the boost stats and u have nothing left for new creatures. That way will your Thor stay in your team forever compare to how hard it is to get new creature on the same level. Imagine boost will not reset another 3-4 months … disaster. Waiting for your thoughts. I hope I do not steal this idea from someone before me, if I do I am sorry, it was not intentional.

There have been similar ideas, recently saw something about nerfed dinos that need a reset, but in general I think it should be left alone as much as possible. People are always outraged by resets, and I think boosts are like that for a reason. “Spend wisely” is the idea, but also, if you spend wrong: pay money. It’s mostly a financial reason and you can’t expect too many freebies from Ludia, they are quite generous if you ask me.


I think maybe there should be an option after each dino changing update where you get to reset 75% of any of your boosts. So Maxima gets nerfed your allowed to reset 75% of it’s boost free, the other 25% you can do the original 50% reset.