[POLL] Players Opinions - Should Boosts be pulled from JWA?

Do you, as a player, feel that Ludia should scrap the Boost system all together and refund everyones Hard Cash purchases regarding Boosts?

  • Yes
  • No

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That 8 percent who says no, are just holding onto hope.

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They were implemented without any input from the player base. If attempt #3 were to happen I hope they will take into consideration all of the feedback first. The input from all player levels is worthy of being heard.


@Ludia_Developers voting no :joy:


Lol! Wouldn’t surprise me. :slight_smile:

Unlikely, as that account hasn’t been active here since 2nd May. They don’t care about what goes on here.

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An official Ludia employee should close this poll, retype it with a Ludia tag and then pin it.

Would like to see the results after a week. :slight_smile:


I can live with them removing boosts.

Id actually love boosts if they kept them from the shop.


Me 2 David. I think we woukd all be having fun right now if they never made into the online shop.

Kinda silly to think they wouldn’t end up there though, gamebreaking or not. :neutral_face:


Boosts are a problem. But matchmaking and trophy mechanics are the biggest issue right now.


I think it has been shown that although a nice idea, boosts have broken the game on a severe level. They should be pulled and if Ludia really want them, give them a proper reevaluation on how to implement them that would be fairer and more balanced.

If I’m not mistaken, didn’t they recently add boosts to Jurassic World: The Game? Anyone know how that worked for that game?


I actually like the boost and have bought them wherever I could, but I voted to get rid of them. The matchmaking algorithm for boosted dinos is messing things up. People who missed out a little will be forever behind.


I’m keeping up with the boosts to just hold my position but would see the game better off without them.

They were and are short sighted. When new players hit level 10 and run into the boosted teams, they will hit a glass ceiling that will be nearly impossible to get through.


Great Poll!

Thanks for starting it! :black_heart:

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This says everything about the situation:

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There should’ve been a “I don’t really mind either way” option, cause that’s how I feel about it.

If boosts stay, cool, I’ll use them to boost up my dinosaurs, not for PvP, but for some of the more harder strike towers, the 3 level 30 unique towers ect.

If boosts go then, also cool, I just might venture back to the arena again, but I won’t be in a rush to get back to where I used to be.

All in all, I’m fine either way, I’ll still continue playing. :slight_smile:

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You’re Sweet mate!

But most players will not ACCEPT getting their hard work just demolish in 2 weeks.

The boosts are the WORSE NERF in history.

All your effort is worth ZERO.

You’re team is not playable WITHOUT boosts.

And they want you to pay once again for this.


Not a chance in the world.



Exactly this. All the hard work of the past year or so wiped out in the blink of an eye. Is this game run by Thanos now?



Having the time to think about this, the situation with the boosts makes me more sad than angry.
I can see both sides for how they are a huge problem as well as how helpful they can be. Like someone mentioned in another thread, I think the biggest problem is the distribution. They should have never been available in the store to begin with.
I never bought the boosts (need the coins way more). I only used the free ones given to me to boost the creatures I felt needed them. Alot of this is determined by strike towers. I gave poor Erlidominus some badly needed health. I gave Blue some boosts just because I like her. I still haven’t used all of my free ones because I was hoping to earn them to add to another creature later.
The optimist in me wishes they were implemented better and slowly.
I dont think it is a bad thing to want a speedier Thoradolosaur, but should it out speed a Velociraptor? :thinking:
I think boosts have potential, but it is sadly being overshadowed by all the negative aspects to them. :frowning:


For Jurassic World: The Game, they made the MOD’s (boosts) to replace the boosters. They made two seperate arenas for it, one with and one without…

Wait a minute…