[POLL] Players Opinions - Should Boosts be pulled from JWA?

“I don’t care” would be my answer too… I enjoy the game mostly as a collector, and already decided to not level up any of my creature beyond level 20, because it needs too much ressources… I see boosts as an alternative way to level up creatures mostly to succeed with the toughest strike towers. As for the arena, I’m back at winning roughly half of my matchs, so I’m fine since I can get my incubators.


I voted no because the boost itself is not the problem.
Consider it as an increased max level.

The real problem is:

  • Terrible match maker which is currently broken af. How the hell on earth you match an average team level of 26 to an insanely boosted monster of near max level dinos. Also the trophy lose/gain is insane, you gain 10 trophy but lose 50 trophy.
  • The rarity of boost distribution. It is too easy to just buy the boost and fk the DNA collection. I can accept a pack sell weekly not daily. Now the dino level is useless.
  • The insanely OP dino that is now rampant the arena. I’m looking at you, Dracoceratops, Magna, Thor.
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The boosts are one of the biggest reasons the matchmaking isn’t working properly.


I suspect that the no voters are mostly the people who made substantial hard cash purchases from the store to buy Boosts.

If Ludia did (by some miracle) remove boosts, they would be stuck with piles of hard cash that they only purchased with the intention of buying boosts. :thinking:

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Yeah, they’d be out of luck since they won’t refund their actual money.

I won’t pretend to understand the legalities or consequences of a no refund thing. :wink:

Technically they paid for a specific product that was removed and no longer usable, or available in game (if they do remove).

Doesn’t seem like it would be very hard to get refunded if you took the right steps. :slight_smile:

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I know I’ve asked for a refund when the first boost exploit and they said that they couldn’t do it. Their refund policies just say they won’t do it at all. Although you could maybe go to Google play and ask them if you explain the circumstances.

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Technically they spent real money to buy hard cash. What they chose to spend their hc on doesn’t have anything to do with it. As long as Ludia refunds the hc they are good.


I’m only bothered by boosts when a Thoradolosaur tears through my team or Dracoceratops one shots my Utahsino. What can you do? People really want to win sometimes. Don’t want either of those on my team but boosts have done wonders for my Megalosuchus and Gigaspikasaur. Sitting around 4.7k trophies right now. Before boosts I was stranded in the lockwood manor.

I have a good stockpile of boosts but I haven’t used them on Megalosuchus too much since they’re are other dinos that might be better to use them on. But I was wondering, how good is Meg with boosts? I liked using it since that counter and Ferocious Strike with a shield make for a good Hp whittler.

Gimme HC is fine. I will spend it on scents and incubators. The game was fine without boosts.

Take away the new matchmaking and boosts. 1.7 now is actually a good change. Better darting. Cool dinos. Variety of things to hunt. Interesting changes to movesets. Almost all the uniques being worth creating.


You dont have to be level 10 to run into boosted teams… my one kids account is level 9 and runs into boosted dinos all the time…

Seems real fair to make someone who cant even use boosts to be match against someone who has them.


Sounds like someone is using there boosts to soon. They wont be getting very far.

This is the problem in the lower arenas. Everyone is using boosted junk… but boosted junk beats non boosted good dinos. So if you wanna win matches in the lower arenas you have to boost junk as well.

And its getting worse… were complaining about having to pay for the same game twice new players have to do it three times.


But i take a bigger issue with is this whole new match making system favors boosts… aka someone who spends… especially lower leveled boosted teams. Which means not only are boosts pay to win but then the algorithm for match making is done so it favors boosts… it loves pitting someone with boosts up against someone without boosts.

Thats the predatory stuff in Ludia glass door review. 1.7 match making was proposed as a better balance and player experience. But its really just an advertising platform for boosts… got boosts great heres some non boosted players to beat up on to show them the error in their ways.

Im not buying these are glitches any more but a way to both show us the power and condition us to the inevitable release of unlimited boosts in the store all the time.

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“The boost itself is not the problem”…then goes on to list exactly why boosts are a problem lol

If you paid via google play you can get a refund. This is from the in-game terms of service:

But you have to keep at them and not let it drop.


Ludia will look at this and basically ignore it you know that right?

If boosts stayed then a separate arena should be made… Oh wait we have three new arenas for the tournaments already, so why can’t they use one of those.

Thank you for making results viewable!

I just feel like the pay2win is too much in this game right now.

Is it fair for the rich to pay to get into Yale or Princeton while many other hard-working students do not stand a chance?

I do not think so.

Neither should this game.