[POLL] Players Opinions - Should Boosts be pulled from JWA?

Hard to say. My level 25 Megalosuchus has tier 4 health and damage and doesn’t out speed much at tier 3 speed. Its pretty good against tryko an diorajasaur. I call it the can opener because it excels at taking down armored dinos. It has great damage output but really relies on a buffed impact on turn 2 for most take downs. It handles distractions pretty well too as it always deals a decent amount of damage once it gets ferocious strike off.

I replaced Meg on my team with Darwezopteryx since Kaprosuchus DNA is hard to come by for me.

Boosts should definitely be removed now. It’s the single most imbalancing factor to the game, and only serves to stroke the egos of those participating in the boost-to-win war. Its become the the most frustrating mechanic to the majority of the player-base. If they want to keep players/take on new players Boosts simply must go.


Soooo… any updates on removing/restarting boosts again? Announcements coming? Nothing? Just tumbleweeds from Ludia HQ?


HQ hq q q q, an echo I hear!


The boost train looks to be full speed ahead. :thinking:



Say it with me… Bury Boosts👏 Bury Boosts👏

Just bumping this thread

I was attempting to create a B team to hopefully make battling fun again and came to the conclusion that I would need to use a ton of coins to level stuff I wouldn’t otherwise. Why should the vets of the game be forced to spend more money at every turn or any player at that rate just to make the game playable?

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Yes or do what I suggested and make 3 Battle Modes.

1 - tournament
2 - stat boosted mode
3 - old battle mode with no stat boost

I think I clicked No by accident. If so I meant yes xD

Not only did they bring boosts back, they again offered them for a short while in the shop… They ruined the game for me and I miss the way the game worked before the update. Also having to build your team each time you switch from pvp to the arena is getting old very fast. I hope Ludia updates what matters before the game becomes more of a chore than a fun activity.


So this poll is nearing 200 votes, and we still don’t have any response from aunt Ludia…?

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There is still more wallets to be emptied.


It was only a 24/h poll, it was closed a long time ago. I’m not sure if I can restart it but will try. :slight_smile:

The poll is open for voting again, if you haven’t already. :wink:


I think arguments saying boosts are what makes this game pay-to-win are invalid.

They make it less pay-to-win, if anything. With just a few boosts, which i didn’t even need to pay ,
(I won hard cash on all three tournaments and made few Tapjoy offers and we can get some boosts from strike towers), I can overcome any epic tower with three level 30 dinos, even though mine are only level 20, 21. Many of those towers would be out of my reach and only players with higher level dinos could win them.

So, without any investments from our side, we get to keep up with those players, of whom many invested real money to get where they are.

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Boosts create a third form of imbalance in the battle system this game cant sustain.

The battle system is imbalanced based on the typea of dinos you can match with. Making players with Unique hybrids fight players with legendary hybrids.

Lvl imbalance.

And now boost imbalance where a lvl 21 dino can have higher stats than a lvl 23 or 24 of the dame dino.

This makes end game play less fun.


Love how Ludia are having a sale on their coins today… who even needs coins these days? No point in upgrading just boosting! I have 800k now just from maxing on the daily spins just sat there because what’s the point.

Also “love” how they have a sale on the £20 hard cash and £100, but miss-out the £50… pushing people into temptation on the £100 :roll_eyes:


That is correct for me now. In 1.6 I was waiting for a sale and would have purchased the large cash package to level up more to team strength. I am close to a million in cash and really do not want to level up anything further. The higher I go I will run into all the higher boosted opponents and the matchmaking issues. 1.7 took my incentive away. I am sure there are many who will purchase and level up though, so I may be in the minority.