Poll (please be honest)

Please just answer
1 for YES
2 for NO
Do you think having to use coins to level up your dinosaurs is a good think?


yes, i thing it is.


I could actually answer 1.5 but I will go with as is right now #2, no. The prices for leveling up are SO out of whack with the supply that to level up your higher level dino’s could take months if not well over a year. DNA is no easy thing on some of them but then when you get enough you have to have so many coins it is more than challenging. Basically they are not allowing you to choose if you want to pay to play, they are forcing your hand once you are at a certain level.

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I guess it’s a good thing because then everyone would just be leveling everything endlessly. But yeah, the amount of coins required for some levels are ridiculous. It goes from 100k to 120k, to 150k, to 200k, then 250k. It’s a bit much.


It depends on the dino you want to level up.
Just an example
1 for Indoraptor
2 for stygimoloch gen 2

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But there should be a way to grind out coins, the limit is too low per cycle.

The only other AR game I played was PoGo so do not have a lot of reference to other games. The way to power-up critters in it was to grind out capturing at 100 dust per. To get those level 39.5 monsters took days of constant capturing. Then you get one hit on them. The people who played more, had more resources. Everyone else hated us.

They changed it so that Dust is much more abundant but at the same time they took away any advantage to being at a higher level. It took all the competition out of the game. It was not fun anymore so I left.

JWA should have a way to grind coins; no limit for battling perhaps, or a few coins for a capture. They should not just give them out for spinning more, too easy. The more you play the more coins you can get.

Agreeing with all of this, coins shouldn’t be so difficult to obtain, but evolutions should definitely require them.

Coins is a good medium to use to level up but there should be other avenues to get coin and there shouldnt be a coin limit on how many times you spin a supply drop

The problem is that pogo is not comparable to jwa in terms of level up. In pogo dust should be more abundant because they are way more to power up : 400 vs 123. Not accounting the fact you need more teams with type advantage in pogo leading to power up teams of same 6.

Coins are fine or they would not be any advantage for grinding. I think the progression is fine at the moment.
Just like you said, removing all the competitive part from pogo made it boring (and the most unfair battle system too, where your phone performance determines your chances of success, hello again 70s programming)

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1 I agree with that coins are a good medium to use for levelling up dinos and I agree that there should be other ways of obtaining them.

For example: Instead of obtaining incubators according to some predictable cycle, we earned coins (the amount being some percentage of our trophy count). So we could use the arenas to help generate the coins we need to level up our dinos. As for incubators, we chose which ones we wanted. Each type was available in a shop and each had a set cost in coins to purchase them. So we could decide if we wanted DNA or save the coins for levelling.

This would remove the limit on how often we battle (at least for me there is a limit as I don’t battle without a free incubator slot).

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By the way, atnhigher levels I am getting more coins than I need.

I believe the coins are needed to make the progression of the game last longer. In turn I do believe the cost of the higher level dinos is ridiculous. Plus I think it should cost different amounts for each rarity tier. A level 30 velociraptor should not cost the same as a lvl 30 indoraptor.


This is because we need more dna to level up a common, and less unique dna to level up the unique. This is fair for me.

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Yes. It’s good thing.

Yes. And they also have gotten pretty generous with giving them out too recently. So I think it’s all fine. If folks want to keep up with spenders for free they will always be disappointed


I had to type more, lol. It’s like the “dust” in a rival game we all know and needed to keep everyone from having maxed out mon… oops dinos :smile:

I don’t think it is ok. It is so outrageously priced, and you already have to get the DNA required to level them up, and then try to come up with the coins. I get a Max of like 20k give or take from spins a day, it takes about 60k to level something from 21 to 22… It benefits pay players who get tons of coins per incubator purchase.

1 Yes of course.

The coins are fine, but Ludias pricing is just stupid and outrageous. Unfortunately there are some who don’t think that or else they would be posting 25M a month. Nothing will change as long as people keep paying.

Amen thank you for telling the truth