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2 No

The cost of levelling raptors in coins is very high, so most players prefer levelling only certain raptors. I have more than 70 raptors ready to level up, but not upgrading them because I need coins for my team. This makes battles boring - everyone have very similar teams and you will very rarely see an opponent with unusual raptor. Since you have the same raptors, you can easily predict next move of your opponents with very high probability.

No problem with coins as such but the rate of increase is silly; between 12 and 16 it goes up 2000 a time - think they should have kept this rate through to the end which would have been 38,000.

More coins is always good but we need another way of getting them - I think you should get coins for walking, e.g. 10 coins every km; no limit.

No that would be way too cheap, if it was like that I would have everything I have as high as it could be with the dna I have and this game would be a short term playtime game. Games like this are for long term, as in it would take 2 years to max out everything if you don’t play nonstop or spend way too much money.

You still have to grind the DNA though

Dna is way easier to get than coins.

1 - yes, we should need coins to level
All they need to do is increase the daily limit a little more. Even at mid-high levels if your trying to level a dino to level 22-23… it might take you 2-3 days to get the coins for a single dino evolution. I also would like to have the ability to level other dinos like rares and commons for fun and not feel like I’m starving for coins 24/7.

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  1. Yes. But I do wish coins were more accessible. We still have to grind away getting the DNA in the first place so it would be fair.

Ludia should reward us with coins when we get an Outstanding (like before) after darting a dino. Even 20 coins will be greatly appreciated. Additionally, there shouldn’t be a limit to the coins we get after battling even after we hit our daily limit

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