Poll: Preferred Indominus for Indonemys Fusion

This might already be the plan, but if it isn’t, the only time it’s changing is before its release, right?

The Poll: Which Indominus Rex variant would you rather use to fuse Indonemys?

  • Gen 1
  • Gen 2

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My Argument for Gen 1:

I’m sure most of us have more Gen 1 Indominus resources than Gen 2. Personally, I have a lot of Rex & Raptor DNA waiting to be put to use.

Indonemys will also require Carbonemys. Seeing Carbo is also an Arctovasilas component, isn’t this enough of a fusing challenge? Since Apex creatures are so prohibitively expensive, fusing one could set the other back by a vast amount of time–especially if you want them at max level.

Gen 2 Indom also already has a community-chosen hybrid from just last year. Gen 1 Indom also hasn’t seen a new hybrid since version 1.2.


The poll said that indonemys will require indom gen 1 btw


I hope that’s the case. I have a few reasons to doubt that’s conclusive:

  1. The image for Indonemys shows Gen 2 Indom.

  2. If I read “Indominus Rex” without it specifically saying “Gen 1” or “Original,” I wouldn’t be surprised if they just weren’t being specific.

  3. There has been at least one time where release notes showed hybrid components incorrectly, and the creature as released isn’t what we expected. I’ve been gone a while and my memory’s rusty, but I remember flukes can happen.


I think it’s the Gen 1 for 3 different reasons

1: Indotaurus used Indominus Rex Gen 2, and it was stated in the first hybrid poll, whereas it just says Indominus Rex in this one.

2: The concept art uses Indom G2 while Ludia themselves say G1, and the concept art is a much less reliable source.

3: All apex hybrids follow a rule where they cannot have common, rare or epic ingredients, and that at least one Ingredient has to be a unique. Indom G2 is an epic, meaning its usage for Indonemys is much less likely.


Thank you for that! I was wondering, but I couldn’t open the original poll to see! I’m much more confident now in expecting Gen 1.

About Apexes only using Legendary & Unique ingredients… Well… Those rules don’t last forever apparently, and we only have 2 fusable Apexes to go off of right now. Did Ludia itself say anything about this? I’m wondering how long we can expect this pattern to hold.

The poll said it aquires gen 1

I hope GEN 1, but knowing ludia its gonna be GEN 2, because of the Indotaurus Skin, and the tenrex ‘buff’… it’s just seeming like ludia milking trex gen 2, so I wouldn’t be surprised if its GEN 2, but I hope G1

But they took away the Indom raid… We are thinking this was a good indication of legendary Indom being the component.

I hope it is bc this would give players a reason to be excited to hunt for Epic Rex again.

I thought Ludia missed out on a ton of excitement by not putting Rexy on the map as a short-range global spawn.

I’d bet that that isn’t the reason, since Indom was removed in like 2.16, and Fuku was added in 2.13, so it probably wasn’t making enough money

Technically saying that it’s indom is saying that it’s gen 1 because if it was gen 2 they would have specifically said gen 2 since it’s name is indominus gen 2 same goes for gen 1 they will just say indominus Rex since that is what it’s actually called.

If they use anything lower than legendary it’d make it so you don’t spend as much. Cause the ingredients would be much easier to get.

So if it makes it so you don’t need to grind or spend as much they’ll avoid going down that route