Poll: Rare DotD; 3rd Week of July

  • Proceratosaurus
  • Utahraptor
  • Dracorex
  • none

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What’s your target species during this week’s Rare dinosaur lineup?

Do you have your eyes on the majestic Utahsinoraptor, or an end goal of Utarinex in mind? How does adding a few levels to your ferocious Proceratosaurus sound?

Vote and share your target goals for this week’s lineup!


Dracorex will most likely be on it’s own on Sunday while Procerato and U-Raptor share their attempts on Wednesday/Thursday … so there’s not much to choose.

Just look at the 7 Days of Dinos pic plus Draco is shown on the Showcase Incubator like they usually do with Sunday Dino.


There are some people assuming they did this picture just to put all together in the right side the rare ones. Well, we will see in a few days. :+1:

If Dracorex will be alone on sunday, then I will go for it. If all the three rare will be together, I will catch most dracorex and some utah. :3


Well, just screw that … the game will probably not be up again in time for the Rares. lol


lol !
For me it worked the trick to turn off the wifi connection, restart the game and here they are, dinos and supply drops :wink:


Utahraptor all the way. Dracorex might be a better option if you are aiming for the unique hybrid, but otherwise, for people who are just way too far away from the unique, utahraptor is great on her own and her DNA is useful for one epic and two legendary hybrids. There’s just no contest.

As for proceratosaurus… Against those two, proceratosaurus is only an option if you want it for collection purposes.


Thank you all for voting!

As expected, Utahraptor is the primary target by most players this week, followed by Dracorex and Proceratosaurus. It is interesting to note that the percentage of votes for Dracorex and Proceratosaurus was fairly even (13% and 12%)—perhaps more so than I anticipated.

That being said, I’m interested to see how everyone does in the event and whether Utahsinoraptor is a “definite add” for your Battle Arena team.

Thank you again for participating–best of luck and happy hunting!


So, it’s time. Can someone who has already been to a park or has one near home confirm if we have 15 attempts or just 10? Due to the dinosaur layout in the News section, I’m afraid that maybe Dracorex will be for Sunday and we will only get 10 attempts for Utahraptor and Proceratosaurus :confused:

Confirmation that it’s 15 would be appreciated!


15 attempts, 3 days (- 1 hour).

I can see a Utah & a Draco around here.


15 attempts over 3 days. 3 dinos. Utahraptor, Dracorex and Proceratosaurus.


Amazing, thanks!! <3


Good, I can skip those Dracorex then entirely. There are at least 10 a day here in the wild anyway, if you are farming some hours.