[Poll] Rare DotD | Which one will you choose?

  • Amargasaurus
  • Argentinosaurus
  • Nodosaurus
  • none (no time/no interest/no Event Drops/whatever reason)

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I will most likely go for Nodosaurus only, maybe paired with a few Amargasaurus. Want Gigaspikasaurus so bad (maybe Stegodeus, but didn’t level Stego that much).


Nodosaurus all the way. Stego is so common and easy to collect, can fill up on some stegodeus dna.


I was very unlucky in these days, I planned to farm Apatosauro but in all the 30 :scream: parks I visited in these days I saw just 10 of them… So now I am not planning anything. I will keep and eye on what are avaiable and take a decision then :relaxed:


Time to start farming this Event … Happy Hunting! :t_rex:

Oh, I feel with you. Would give you some of my 12k Apato DNA if possible. He’s almost as common as V-Raptor here (but like 20% of our city are parks).


I have just 3822 dna :sob: I made a not very smart decision to evolve her at level 11 waisting these dna last week, but I was in rush to arrive to my level 9 :sweat_smile:


Me too. I just collect what I can get. If I have a selection that I’ll pick a favorite, but that is rarely the case.


Alright, 2nd day of Event almost started … will go out hunting soon.

Vote now if you haven’t already (Multiple Choice Poll)! :dragon:


Alright, I’m almost done with the Rares and waiting for Nodopato-Sunday. Did 9x Nodo + 5x Amarga (will do another Nodo).

Hope I can unlock Gigaspiko and Stegodeus soon, just need to farm tons of Stegos now (well, Stegoceratops ate thousands for sure).


I was able to get 50 DNA into stegodeus yesterday before running out of nodopatosaurus DNA. I need more nodosaurus DNA to continue. Hopefully I’ll have it unlocked by the end of this event.


I’m going for all of them, 5 each. Tino needs love, and I got plenty of Amaro, and Nodo…you elusive snake…


Seems like Nodo will be the winner by far. But you still got 16 hours left to vote and farm. :wink:


It’s almost as if they knew which one everyone would be going for…


Alright, thank you all for participating again!

Results: at the top … some people shared their love even for Argentinosaurus :+1:

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