[POLL] Short range spawns change

I think we all agree when i tell these creatures are most frequent ones we meet. As i appreciate short range spawns are already a thing, i think its long enough without a change and with increasing number of exclusives something needs to happen asap.

Do you want Ludia to change short range spawns?
  • Yes, please. I welcome every change.
  • Yes, i would like to have montly rotation there.
  • Yes, i want them to add new creatures every patch and change for newest on following patch.
  • Yes. I want them to add existing exclusives there.
  • No! I just want to hunt Megistotheriums forever!

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I just want parasaurolophus lux to be more common


I never really cared for the short range spawns other than Para Lux which is too luck-based to be worth targeting while hunting on the go, so new short range spawn creatures giving a reason to hunt would be nice.