[POLL] Should Ludia renew aliance mission rewards?

If my memory serves me well there wasnt any update in aliance mission rewards since their intruduction. In other words we have been having the same creatures in aliance missions for 18 months! Most of top aliances are sick and tires of this and even new players want to have a chance complete aliance missions to get newer dinos than getting Erliks, Sinos, Pteras, Pyros etc over and over again. Motivation to complete aliance missions decreases with every switch. I wish Ludia to put new creatures to Aliance missions next patch.

Should Ludia renew aliance mission rewards?
  • YES, we get the same rewards over and over again!
  • NO, i am ok how it is righ now.

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well the poll is loud and clear
hope ludia does something with this

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Well why not ?? I Will be happy if we can get wolly rhino, antarco, and the other event exclusive creature

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what we need is a voting system in the alliances, so each alliance works toward what they actually want

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I mean what we have is better then like 3 months of sino…

But yeah I want to see a rework in alliance rewards…

However I want to see a rework in “rewards” in general… and this “season” is a great reason why…

Arena seasonal rewards should be geared towards arena… giving out what is essentially “raid” dna for doing well in arena doesn’t make sense. Just like their are people who avoid arena their are players who don’t raid. Arena rewards should be meta relevant.

The monthly Dino needs to be skewered more towards exclusive or new dna… I’d actually prefer their be atleast two options for monthly dna both a new or exclusive option and a classic option like Rex.

If those changes were made I’d actually be ok with alliance missions being reworked as more of a “building blocks” source of dna. Where the options are more based on giving newer players boosts to leveling their current selections with some other stuff being added here and there to keep interest.

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Let them rework all the bugs and flaws first, matchmaking second and rewards last. Apparently every time a request like this is made they just do it hoping we’ll stop nagging about the other flaws for a while. So please fix all the other stuff prior to this. (And yes I would like to see it fixed as well, just not as a priority unless they fix it so well top arena players no longer find redemption in lower arenas)

Some of them are good like blue and Maiasaura

I am sick of getting the raptor and spino alliance reward over and over again. I have almost 3000 blue and baryonx dna by now

Wow looks like you playing this game since a long time :smiley:

I’m playing since the brachio update

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