Poll: should Rexy get a rebalancing and be a non exclusive?

Title says it all. What do you think?

  • Rexy needs to be rebalanced and become a non exclusive
  • Rexy only needs to be rebalanced
  • Rexy only needs to be non exclusive
  • Rexy needs to stay that strong and be an exclusive

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We haven’t seen rexys stats yet or her two new abilities so let’s get her first before saying she’s op


The toolbox already has her stats and it looks like she could be better than Morty


Rexy has less damage but has more health and 45% crit chance. It’s pretty much cheap morty.


I’d be happy if we just called it T Rex Gen 3 :laughing:


No need change rexy’s stats and moves i guess that this is the perfect one that i was expecting


I’d love it if we could finally FIP non-hybrid legendaries :heart:


I will be better if level 26 rexy have 1900 to 2000 hp of

Discussing with some people on Discord, not only does Rexy outclass Mortem Rex, but it’s thought to be mid tyrant tier and even a Top 5 creature, and I honestly agree. The highest health of any fierce, the highest crit chance of any creature, and its moveset, especially Dominant Roar, is super overpowered. I get Rexy is super iconic and deserves to be good, that’s not an excuse to make it super difficult to obtain and to make it outclass the majority of creatures in any rarity. Heck, the best legendary counter against it is Indominus Rex, which only has a 55% chance of winning. Its On Escape prevents anything that isn’t H2H, meaning Rexy will make tournaments unplayable for those that have bad draw luck or can’t obtain it.


No need rocket science to know if something is broken ,specially when we have the stats and abilities.


Well,get ready to see nerf rexy thread.
As usual with this game since devs can’t make balance creatures.


He’s just coming out and they already ask him for a nerf, it’s a joke right???


they already nerfed it they screwed up the primary move so dont bother with it till they fix it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Actually you can see the stats on paleo.gg

When a legendary is stronger in any way than its apex version,i think you are the one joking there.
More health than mortem,more crit,a swap in move,an on escape damage,better moves and of course,better resistance.


Comparison between rexy and mortem stats

We’ve known about Rexy for a while through JWA toolbox and Gamepress’s datamine articles. And how long a creature has been released for does not affect how strong it is. Even Ludia/Jamcity knows it’s overpowered, if Rexy was actually balanced then they wouldn’t get as much profit from it. It’s why all of the most recent creatures are overpowered and why powercreep is an issue in the first place.


Even if this isn’t the majority of the community, only a few hours after her debut and based on people’s reactions, I’m honestly very sad and possibly angrier on how the franchise icon got treated and handled by ludia and jam. Maybe she should’ve been just a visual skin for the epic Rex tbh


Ludia has always take bad decisions when it came to balance or creating new creatures.
But i have see it was worst since the introduction of apex,the power creep have been outrageously insane.
I look sometimes back to the forum to see if the game have gone any better since i stopped a year ago and guess what?its guetting worst and worst every update when i look the patch notes.No need to play the game now to understand how people in the arena will suffer.
I wonder if ludia have a plan or try to finish to milk the money of their costumers before the end of google map association at the end of the year.


Most of my spite on this outcome is based on the fact Rexy/Roberta isn’t just another dino ingame, she’s the franchise’s icon for sake. Whether you’re a Spino/Indom/Giga fan, she has so much history with the franchise on and off screen since 93 from how they operated the animatronic for the breakout scene that even behind the scenes of the new films actually put some effort like remembering the where the missing tooth is and we get the possibly the worst way of introducing her in the game deliberately because of greed. And I can bet that alot, if not most of the playerbase came and stuck around because they’re already fans of the franchise and even if not all care we get spat in the face the in worst way