Poll: should Rexy get a rebalancing and be a non exclusive?

Is Rexy even out yet? Is Rexy chomping though teams like a monster? Why a thread about rebalancing a creature that no one has yet?

If you haven’t noticed, many of the new creatures are purposely OP so players will spend real money to buy incubators to level it up and be first to get it to level 30 and boost it to high heaven.

Do you want Rexy to be mediocre? No one will bother to get it, level it and play it. Not even me. I’ll get it but won’t bother to level it if all it’s going to be is meta-fodder.

Power creep is the way this business makes money and these guys know how to play off human nature.


Has the potential. But when the only way to level up a dino is either buying incubators or waiting for events to dart, the amount of dna to even get it to 25 is absurd when you have no other ways to consistently grind. Is making her the most broken dino in the rarity group an acceptable response? Imo no. When the fans have enough support to even have the filmakers change the canon name you know people (who are likely fans of the series anyway) will regardless spend on her over time whether she isnt the best dino to use anyway. They just had to give us 1 thing after the hundreds of mess ups that half of they probably deliberately allowed and ofcourse they had to slap the most ridiculous price tag on it. Way to ruin your game on its 4th year


If the forum have the down-vote button, you’ll get a thousand for this comment. (I was joking lol)

Never spending money again on this game. (Not that I was, but any chance of this happening now are completely gone.) Rexy is way too powerful, is event exclusive I mean, shop exclusive, and doesn’t even have the correct sounds, good job, Ludia. :roll_eyes:


As if this absurd treatment of Rexy wasn’t enough, they had to make Giga and Theri exclusives. And of all the things to make wild why Dsungaripterus and not AlloG2? Way to make it to 4 years with all these absurd decisions other games won’t last to tell the tale


1 day since Rexy has been added and around 100 votes show most people want her to be non exclusive with half of those people split if a proper rebalancing is needed, with a bit more looking forward to a proper fix of her abilities. @ludiamods please pass this to the devs and the higher ups. They might be few but people have spoken on what they want

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That’s also against canon lol

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Yeah well you know what Ludia’s idea of rebalance and is

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I ran into a level 16 Rexy in PvP and it is a Legendary Apex creature. I won the match but not till it easily took out one of my creatures and almost the last that were level 21.

My assumption is the rich players are going to pay for this thing and it will get nerfed back a bit 2 or 3 updates down the road after they make some money off it.

Rexy will definitely be a focus of complaints and nerf threads. This thing is going to be on every mid level team that darts enough to get it. I wouldn’t know any mid level player that won’t us it.

Community was asking for Rexy for the last 4 years. They are so fan of her, that most was asking for a very strong creature. A lot of fan-made graphics and stats were made, many too powerful.

Ludia releases a new broken creature every update, or more than one. Well, i can remember about 1 or 2 more balanced updates, but overall every new update we have a new broken thing to complain.

I thought people would be happy to see rexy as the new broken thing this way. At least is one everyone asks for since 2018, we should say “it deserves this”.

What kind of fun moment we could have if they release the queen as a “balanced” creature, to play here and there and be forgotten together with indoraptor?

My suggestion is everybody play Rexy as the new “nerf this” creature and be happy with her for a while. I’m suer soon she will be thrown to the drawer as many others. And forgot this dream of a perfectly balanced JWA, that’s not how the game is.

This broken Rexy is a fan service, and for a limited time. Relax, she will be nerfed directly or indirectly by future releases…


Guys there is a rexy scent today dont miss out and check the map.

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Exactly my thoughts. Remember in the early game when everyone used early hybrids and real dinosaurs? I like Rexy because she’s supposed to be an apex predator. She definitely should not be exclusive, and she’ll be power-crept in about 3 updates anyway.

Rexy is OP in movie franchise itself, lol. It’s just a celebration, but we all know in JWA’s case, it’s for a short time.

Rexy needs no re balance/nerf. It was only released this week. Let the empress rule this game like she ruled isla nublar


A few more votes after 2 days and people still want Rexy released for us to hunt, with most wanting a proper rebalancing still. @Ned since you’re the mod everyone trusts please try to forward this to everyone above. Kinda getting tired of this so please tell them that maybe 1 good decision for the community can be considered every once in a while starting with this

Is seriously??? I thought it was a joke haha ​​I don’t know how long you’ve been in the game but from the beginning there have always been creatures stronger than their hybrid version they have always existed, now they ask for the nerf when they haven’t even been seen at their maximum level I find this absurd ask when your DNA will be exclusive and difficult to obtain as it happens with the Parasauthops this game is about strategy haha

I told him the same thing but make him understand hahaha

what i believe is rexy has barly been add to game, i think we should wait, and watch happen like what most of us are say. also i believe we should try somthing new to remove rexy’s event exclusive. i believe rexy should be a raid exclusive creature. raid exclusive creatures can be only be obtain in raids, this new feature would fix the event exclusive problem thats been going by allowing creature like rexy to be able to obtain in a fun and rewarding way. you not just earned the raid creature dna, but also earning some other creature in the incaubater.

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only problam is the you to be at a certain level in the campaign, and a certain level on your account in order to do specific raids. do you guys know solution for this?

Don’t forget the fact dominant roar can increase its base speed to 133