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[Poll] The most annoying creature

Just an update on the “hate rate” to see if the og Rat is still easily at the top.

  • DracoceRat, still number one on filthiness
  • ProceRat, doesn’t sucker punch you, but it’s the worst now, too OP for an Epic
  • Indo2, stupidly OP even after the nerf to damage and CS
  • Monostego, the bulky rat can easily be worse than Draco
  • Phorus, coming in and out with Rampages, no way to avoid it
  • Another filthy rat or OP freak (which one?)

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For me personally, it’s the heavy boosted magnas. Those things annoy me because the only thing I have that can really kill it is my maxima, and then it’s easy set-up food


Finally, someone acknowledges the annoying Monostegotops with the swap, sun, dig in, run, repeat moveset. Bonus points when it’s combined with Phoru like the match I had today and it’s just a battle with endless stuns and priority moves.

This was a tough choice though. I’m saying Procerat, just because it ruins the gameplay for newer members as well as older ones. I don’t see why an epic hybrid should be beating a lot of uniques.

Indo2 and Monostego are a close second - Indo2 because of the speed up with CS, and Monostego for the reason I stated at the beginning.


i’m for phorus. there is ways to advoid the damage, but along with procerath, she has too much health for a speedster.


It looks like this will be the final round


Currently arena’s ok-ish as long as I don’t meet droppers.
But I fear Entelomoth, and Mammolania’s pretty scary too.


I’ve been so repulsed by the hoard of max boosted prorats I haven’t played in weeks. It’s health, damage mitigation, and immunity are obnoxious for how easy it is to obtain and level. It’s been the face of like 6 or so tournaments in a row, and even in skill tournaments it 2 shots pretty much anything with little risk. It’s only countered by Uniques for the most part, which shouldn’t be the case for a non-superhybrid epic.

This update coming is really my last straw for it and a couple other “gross miscalculations” to be balanced or I’m cutting this app from my gaming library. Unfortunate because I love JP stuff, but I’m tired of these OP boost mascots getting handed out like candy to wreck arena balance.


Sees a mammolania

Me: laughs in OG green chicken

I have to say I struggled not to put Maxima on the main list, cause that thing infuriates me more than anything else in the arena nowadays… On mid-Gyro and above you can easily get 5 to 10 battles in a row with opponents starting with a Maxima at 8k HP or more…

But ProceRat still wins the trophy for me, mostly because of the tourneys and the fact that it’s so freaking easy to have it at high levels.


Huh proRAT and indo are the Top 2 most hated…what a surprise right



Seriously tho proRAT has honestly become much “easier” to deal with now that I have more tanks and just large hp and shielders like Geminititan, maxima, dioraj, tryko. But like Indoraptor is the bane of this game and anytime I fight one and I don’t have one of the towers or a fully Health thyla I just give up like no point in trying…especially when they just gonna spam cautious strike over and over and over again. At least with proRAT you know you can be faster than it and can in some way block that rampage.


specifically why i love my constrictor. most players try to kill it quickly with CS and DSR. and it doesnt really work. i’ll have half HP with a speed up and their indo will be dead.


The only reason Procerat is not a problem for me more often in the arena is because I have two creatures that are usually faster and other two that can speed up (Indo2 and Erlido)… But even then it might be able to beat me because of ES… And when I fight one faster and at around 2500 base damage, I’m pretty much screwed if I don’t have my Gemini

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Maxima annoys me mostly because Ludia specifically told us that tanks were to counter speedsters, and subsequently removed Armor piercing moves from most, if not all, tanks, only to give this thing Defense Shattering moves AND immunity at a much later date.

It’s little things like this that ruin the balance as well, and make it difficult to keep a good team going.


Ya see, okay I’m about to go on rant here lol, is another problem I have with people like learn to counter it.

So far there only to really good way to counter indo

    1. Have a immune super high Hp tank that’s also has large amounts of attack and can go through dodge
    1. Bleed

Now the problem with the second one is for bleed to be a valuable way to hurt it you have to be slower than it so MF can’t cleanse, have enough health so you can get at least down to two tick worth of damage.

Very few bleeders can do that
Let take a look

Some like Spxs, stygidaryx, spinotah, and vexus are faster than it so it will basically always be able to cleanse the bleed, (well spxs is tricky but it’s more in indos favor)

Others are slower but just don’t have the bulk to survive turn 2 meaning they can’t pressure indo into swapping or just being able to kill it. This is stuff like thyla, Monolorhino, spinonyx, schapa, woolly, Darwin.

There is very few that have that sweet middle ground but they do exist spinoconstrictor, Suchotator, and porqucus can put the hurt on it but they are never guaranteed

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As @xescot once said, there is no doubt that Indo G2 is the most hated creature in JWA (the results confirm it). Yoshi is the second one. Although he’s not that hard to deal with with a unique team (even when overleveled), he’s still a pain in tournaments, especially advantage ones. There’s no 3rd one tbh. Rat? No, he’s weak and extremely easy to deal with, not annoying anymore. 3rd place just goes to all overboosted dinos. I hate all of them


Where is the entelomoth option?


I have to say, once I hated Carbonemys very much too. Not anymore, now he’s balanced


Moth is only annoying in skill tournaments, he doesn’t exist in arena, at least I have seen only one in library

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A lot of people still run Dio for the sheer purpose of Pho bombing so that one isn’t too much of a problem for me, but yeah… Lania is my kryptonite.
I don’t have a solid plan for it.
EDIT: Oh yeah, and Grypo can be REALLY annoying

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