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Poll : the next super hybrid

  • Koolasaurus
  • Suchoripterus
  • Unyarynchus
  • Ankylodocus
  • Tropeogopterus
  • Suprannotitan
  • Metrialong
  • Pachyceratops
  • Nundagosaurus
  • Ophiacomimus
  • Labyrinthosaurus
  • Pelecanipteryx
  • Alangasaurus
  • Limnorynchus

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pity Ophiacomimus :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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Rajastega, Ankylosaurus DNA. Rajakylosaurus… :flushed:

Forgot rajastega


I hope a municipality wins, because there is still no common super hybrid!
I do:

Alangavenator = Alangasaurus + Concavenator S-DNA

Level 40


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I hope DOEDICOMIMUS :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:, Ophiacomimus + s-adn de doedicurus.

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By now i can asume the most wanted are alanga, Ophiacomimus, koola and anky

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Kinda wierd suchoripterus is at 16% when it has 2 votes just like alang, ophia and anky which are at 17%.

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They’re technically all at 16.67% but the poll doesn’t seem to accept decimals. Three of them were rounded to 17% and one was kept at 16% so it all adds up to 100% and not 101% :slightly_smiling_face:.


That I understand, just felt like it was ‘screw you in particular’ moment.

Blame this forum’s RNG.

I hope Nundagosaurys

Yes i really hope koolosaurus wins

Apparently koola and alanga have the highest votes

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Yep. Although anmy is close to alanga

Ankylodocus super hybrid with stego!!!

your so good in drawing, i can only draw an indom head

It is not my drawing but @Snake_Dude from the #jurassicworldalive forum, who makes a lot of hybrid demand.


oh ok nice