POLL: Trykosaurus or Allosinosaurus

I’m curious as to gauge the General player base’s perspective on these 2 mighty beasts. In this current meta, who do you have a more difficult time fighting up against? Trykosaurus or Allosinosaurus?

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Mainly Allo. The IC on move two now added with the defense shattering has made this dino into a beast


Tryko. Crits more often. Instant Invincibility is annoying. And counter attacks are lethal.


Allo for win. Tryko for belief. That’s all I got to say


I think the biggest issue we are seeing with this argument is that many have allos boosted to higher lvls then tryko. So although head to head Allo will win at the same lvl. The uses for both are completely different. Once more ppl have tryko maxed and possible new meta. My beliefs may change


Allo all the way, but only because she has the instant charge in her favor. Once Tryko gets a slight buff on her speed, she will win hands down.

Edit to Add: My Allo is 25, Tryko is 26.

Answer is simple: Which of these two do you think you can level up easier than the other, that’s the one you should choose.

My allo is 25 my tryko will be 25 this weekend.

Allo is the better opener cause with IC it’ll get an extra hit off at a point. Plus with IC it can be used after distracting wears off from utarinex for example.

Tryko is a more solid dino and is a very good late game choice.

Although they are similarly styled I feel they are very different, tryko being more of a tank. I use both and tryos which is completely different again.

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