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Poll: what creatures would people want to see added?

  • Saurophaganax
  • Acrocanthosaurus
  • Carcharodontosaurus
  • Gigantoraptor
  • Gigantspinosaurus
  • Pachyrhinosaurus
  • Shantungosaurus
  • Cryolophosaurus
  • Sauropelta
  • Dreadnoughtus
  • Megatherium
  • Gigantopithecus
  • Andrewsarchus
  • Hyaenodon
  • Megalania
  • Deinotherium
  • Cave Bear
  • Doedicurus
  • Arthropleura

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Saw acro and cryo and was like “I would like that”. Then I saw Megalania and I was like “yes. Yes. YESSSS”

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I’d LOVE to see them add Cryolophosaurus that’s one of my favorite dinosaurs and that would be so cool to see in this game.

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Anything that’s a dinosaur would be great.

What happened about Corthyosaurus

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There are literally hundreds of dinosaurs not in the game yet, not to mention Cenozoic or Palaeozoic creatures. I just picked a bunch that I liked and would make a good variety in my opinion. Feel free to list any you would like to see that arent listed

is it alright if i make concepts for them

I did ideas for Jurassic world alive update 1.15 with Carcharodontosaurus, Cryolophosaurus, Megalaina, Arthropleura, Andrewsarchus, Hyaenodon.

Ambleocetus is the only mammal i wouldn’t really mind being in the game.

why is everyone ignoring the giga! Giga is my favorite dinosaur. I used to love the fights against argentinosaurus on BBC. Wait that reminds me of another dino. MAPUSAURUS! They could both be counters for argentinosaurus and maybe their hybrids could be counters for Maxima. Giga would hopefully be an epic and mapusaurus would be a rare, maybe a common.

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If it is a OG from JWTG, rhey want in JWA. GIGA is in niether.

what does the it isn’t in either mean. I thought it was in jwtg

I’d love to see giga too and mapasaurus that would be awesome. still crossing my fingers they add Cryolophosaurus

I like that one too, especially its big crest; silimar to allosin’s and thor’s crest just without all the spikes.

I’d like to see ceratosaurus and acrocanthosaurus most of all.
but really there are so many dinos that can be added i want those as well.

Where’s Dodo?

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Dodo is the only thing we really need.

i hear dodo and i can’t stop thinking about the Death Dodo community boss from Jurassic World the Game.

MegaAlloraptor :joy::joy::joy::+1:


Ooh attack dodos!

Sad to see my boy sauropelta down at the bottom, but I’ve always loved an underdog.