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[Poll] What Dinos Need A Buff? (Not official)

Some dinos are getting nerfed a lot, but we need buffs to help keep the arena balanced.

  • Stygidaryx
  • Indoraptor Gen1
  • Monolorhino
  • Monomimus
  • Monostegotops
  • Diloracherius
  • Pyrritator

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Daryx and monomimus are in desperate need…

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since i could only vote for one I voted for monomimus, but I feel like all of them except Indo G1 could use some sort of tweak - stat changes/skill changes - hecc even both in some cases.

For everyone’s notice: Vote for the one in MOST need

Monomimus isn’t that bad right now, is it? I mean it’s sort of usable, right? Other Legendaries like Darwezopteryx are just as bad. Monomimus does deserve a buff though.

Stigydaryx is practically unusable. I’m not sure about Monolorhino, but I don’t have particularly high hopes for it the way it is now.

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Why do people care about Monomimus? It’s legendary after all. It’s not like most of the other legendaries can compete against uniques and a lot of them aren’t viable in lower arenas either. I think technically there isn’t anything wrong with Dilorach, it’s just that everything else is immune. It still does very well against stuff that isn’t (Tryko, Thor, Orion…)

Stgyi should lose Lethal swoop.

Dilorach need Distracting Impact instead of Strike and Nullifying Rampage instead of Greater Stunning Rampage.

I’d say fuse the lethal swoop with the cleaning one

Monostego. Nothing else. Give back its HP, Damage and Nullifying Impact.


I want a rework for Dilora he needs return to meta

I think they care bc almost in every new patch was nerfed and now is pretty much unusable while back then was one of the best dinos in the game. Today i fought against a lvl 21 and i killed him without take any damage with my lvl 19 smilocephalus. You right about dilorach is fine as it is right now but became kind of useless bc of the immune meta.

Awww. I wanted to pick more than one.


They all deserve one.

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Monostegotops should be restored to its former nullifying glory to become a true Indoraptor Gen 2 counter among other things. Stygidarex needs a HP buff and Lethal Wound instead of Lethal Swoop. Indoraptor Gen 1 just needs an attack buff or definite rampage


The poll needs to have Tuoramoloch on it. Pretty useless as a unique currently.

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Yeah that would be nice, that’s was literally it’s job and now…


Monostegotops has always been one of if not my favourite hybrid in this game. In boosts 1.0 it was a total monster but after the stat nerf it just took too much of a bit for me to justify pumping resources into it. Mine is still level 21 with enough DNA to level up but I don’t wanna use the coins on something that imo is a shadow of a shadow of its former self


It’s not even close to what it used to be but it’s still decent. But I love it too much to not use it so I’ve actually leveled it up to 23 now.

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I chose Indoraptor because it definitely needs a buff. It is literally paper mache compared to Indo Gen 2

Wasnt that the point in the lore of the franchise tho. :thinking: I’ve seen some of the concept art of both indos. Looks like they intended to have a battle with both of them before they scrapped it. I wonder who would’ve won.