[Poll] What do you think of the new Tournament Formats?

The tournament formats for April have been released and the first 2, in particular, have some interesting restrictions on them. I’m making a separate topic for this so it doesn’t get buried in the main one.

Coin Tournament

DNA Tournament

Do you like the rarity restrictions in the first 2 tournaments?

  • Yes
  • No

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Love the OG idea but not the balanced part. They should just take out uniques and give us the others to chose from without the balanced rules


That’s my thought as well. I love the OG creature idea but the limited rarities make it so unbalanced.


I feel like balanced tourneys can be fun if they make it so that you always draw one creature of every rarity. Makes it quite a bit less rng reliant


First 2 tourneys are just nightmares, too much rng.

But there are a total of 5 rarities and only 4 team spots so this idea will not work

It’s a lottery format. Whoever happens to have the few good creatures boosted get a huge advantage

Personally, I’m fine with the skill tourney restrictions. Yes, it’s a shame there aren’t more uniques to use, but it does give other creatures a chance to shine.

Advantage is getting worse though. With all the restrictions, it’s becoming harder and harder for most players to compete against the very top few who have the resources to boost/level a range of creatures to cover as many bases as possible. The end result for most is a miserable grind to get 10 kills and get out, rather than it being a fun side element of the game sadly.

Combined with no boost reset AND seriously limited access to boost tokens, investing in tourney creatures is a huge risk for almost everyone, with pretty limited rewards to justify it (imo).


Obviously it would be one of every rarity on your team. If you have more than 4 rarities on your team, the weakest rarities could be randomly chosen between

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I do see it’s good for other creatures to shine but the problem lies with the balanced team of restrictions only being 2 creatures. This is just going to make for a very RNG dependent tourney which I am not a fan of.

I love the OG creatures is play like the 1.0/1.1 beta game
The limited creatures is better because the RNG can make the battle easy or difficult.
This tournament is for enjoy if people cant make lot of points isn’t my problem
I will enjoy this tournament.
The second tournament (epic and legendary) are crape because is another extremely bored Flock tournament.
This last two tournaments are the tournament that needs the critics

The problem is the fact that it’s to RNG dependent and it’s really easy for people to get frustrated and angry when they draw commons through epics against a team of legendarys and uniques

I think you meant “because the RNG can make the battle easy or impossible”. Let RNG pull 4 dinos on your team that aren’t unique and or legendary against someone who get their tryko, erlidom, or indom and then come back and tell me how fair and enjoyable it is. :upside_down_face:

I do agree that the second set of tournaments also suck due to flocks and very few realistic counters to them within the rarities allowed but at least we have way more options as a whole to choose from. I’m ok with almost any tourney that has epic hybrids because that’s my main tourney group.

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Just wait until we have to battle peranodactylus

Perhaps it would be helpful to share these new tournament formats with the community before they are implemented? Not saying the community should be the sole deciding factor but our input could be considered when deciding if a format would be desirable or not.

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The only way we can change this is to get ourselves noticed

I want funny using the OG and with the limited rarity the variety will be infinity

Also saying yes for the OG part, not the balance part. And didn’t like the mixture from weeks ago either… In general, there’s a huge difference of power between rarities, so ironically that “balanced team” rule actually makes things way more unbalanced. On that previous week, if you got three out of four Commons, your chances of winning dropped a lot even if your opponent had just two Rare selected… And if you got all four Commons forget it…

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The OG creature part is fine. But since a lot fo the roster isnt thst powerful compared to the top dogs, it could get messy.

The only problem I have is my L30 Tryko has sat on my bench for 4 or 5 months max boosted. I just used my attack and HP boost tokens on it and stripped it clean. :roll_eyes: