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Poll : what family should be added?

  • Prosauruspods
  • Megaraptoroids
  • Small ornithopods (dryosaurus, hypsilophodon etc)
  • Small ankys and stegos (Minmi, scelidosaurus etc)
  • Small ceratopsids (protoceratops, udanoceratops etc)
  • Camels
  • Horses (hipparion, Equus etc)
  • Giant birds (moas, genyornis etc)
  • Bovines
  • Bears
  • Small rhino like creatures (moeritherium, toxodon, coryphodon)
  • Giraffes (Shivatherium, brahmatherium, hoanotherim etc)
  • Early theropods (herrerasaurus, gojirasaurus, cryolophosaurus)

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All of the above


All of them but the there are 5 I want immediately. Gigantopithicus, cave bear, ceratosaurus, styracosaurus dire wolf, and mega raptor.


Iā€™d welcome any new dinosaurs, so basically any real dinosaurs on the list. As well as gigantophitecus and megalania, and a few other prehistoric mammals reptiles and birds(terror birds, eagles/hawks/vultures, sneks, crocs, elephants, bears, etc) and aquatics of course lol