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(Poll) what is the best dinosaurs in the game in 2.0

  • Trykosaurus
  • Magnapyritor
  • Tenotorex
  • Quetzorion
  • Ardentismaxima
  • Erlidominus
  • Diorajasaurus
  • Geminititan
  • Mammolania

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Why there’s not the goat ?

You fool! How could you forget about the OG OP beast—Lord Lythronax!


Idk ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Maxima And tryko are the best right now. Their monsters. Other potential high tyrants could be Magna, onion or Tenontorex. Yea Gemini and mammolania are low tyrants… and poor entelomoth is gonna end up apexed.