[POLL] What Zone Do You Live In?

I support the need for such an analysis, but either yours is wrong or I’m reading it wrong. For example, you can create 2 uniques from epic components found in zone 4.

Additionally, only highest rarity tier components really matter (apart from cases like irritator). For example Utahraptor is a component for Utarinex, but there’s no way you will have enough Sino, but not enough Utahraptor.

Zone 1 has crucial components for 3 uniques.
Zone 2 - also for 3 uniques.
Zone 3 - only for 1 unique and it’s a day-only myth that noone ever sees anyways.
Zone 4 - 2 uniques.


I actually live smack in between zone 2 & zone 3. If I travel a bit up north, it’ll be zone 3. Darted quite a few Carno there. If I travel a wee bit south, I will be finding Echo…which is why I travel a lot to zone 1 & 4 just to get the others

Welcome to the new local 2


Thank you!

Besides, if he was correct it still doesn’t make up for L3 being the hands down worst for the last 6 months. At best, I see one Erlik every 9-10 days. All my mono was wasted on minus and never even unlocked monostego. I essentially have to start mono hunting all over again and hopefully start seeing at least one erlik a week. Maybe by Valentine’s day I can get both Monostego unlocked and Erlik to lvl 20. Cant wait! By the summer I should have Erlidom too! Love L3!

That’s like L3 when we got allo. I feel for you.

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Actually I based my calculations just on the local spawns.
So for examle if ya need to create Utrainex it will be Dracorex from L2 and Utasino (requires only local Sinoceratops from L1). Which menas by my logic for Rares L2 got +1U and for Epics L1 got +1L (as Utarinex is Unique and Utasino is Legendary).

Hope it shows more sence now.

Totally feel your pain here in L4. Only worth to be here for for Rajakilosaurus (but still not possible to get that much of a Tujango to evolve it any further). Otherwise we had Nodopatotitan which obviously sucks, Wuerho which sucks without any fusing and Koolasuchus which again has no hybrids.

This is what someone posted about L4 in another thread:

Local zone 4 -
Common - Monolophosaurus gen 2, Para, Suchomimus
Rare - Carno, Koolasuchus Gen 2, Spinosaurus Gen 1, Suchotator, Wuerhosaurus, Giraffatitan(didn’t mention the other local night/dawn/dusk spawns as they’re useless raptors)
Epic - Anky, Gorgosuchus, Koolasuchus Gen 1, Rajasaurus.

Monolophosaurus Gen 2 , a piece of the puzzle for the Monolometrodom . Same comment as above.
Para . Used for Tragodistis and Paramoloch . Give it back to Local 3 already, Ludia. Grr.
Suchomimus . The internet seems to really love Suchotator so I suppose a really good common to have in your area. Personally not a fan but it’s well rounded and does its job well.
Carno should definitely be getting a hybrid later down the road. It was a Local 3 night time only spawn before and I darted every single one with pleasure. It was fun to dart.
Koolasuchus Gen 2 . I found it to be a fun, good early arena rare. Not bad, not amazing.
Spinosaurus Gen 1 . Used for Spinotahraptor leading into Spinotahsuchus which is an amazing Legendary.
Suchotator . Another zone with an ingredient and it’s hybrid in it. Save yourself the fusion cost and dart it.
Wuerhosaurus . Might get a hybrid, might not. Pretty bad on its own.
Giraffatitan was a bonus addition just because the other zones have raptors nobody wants as their Night/Dawn/Dusk bonus spawns. It’s used for Nodopatotitan . A decent tank, held back by its moveset.
Anky . The easiest epic to dart in the entire game and used for the great Ankyntro , the tank which’ll poke you back Rajakylosaurus , and the amazing Tryko . Amazing epic to have.
Koolasuchus Gen 1 . Great for early arenas and might get a hybrid in the future.
Rajasaurus . Oh my. Two epics making a great hybrid in the same zone? Whaaaaat? That’s amazing.

There is no diversity at all. I went around looking and just lost interest & went home. In my opinion the update sucks


For me I’m more about getting creatures I like regardless or usefulness in combat, so I’m happy that Spinosaurus gets to spawn in my city centre, along with relatives Suchomimus and now Irritator Gen 2…Just kind of wish I was near a zone 3, so I could have a better chance at snagging Spino Gen 2, which seems to be my white whale XD BUT that’s just me ^^ (I also live in zone 1, where Deinocheirus’ are rampant! Also where my place is always bang in the middle of any activity, just out of reach XD)

I wish I could find that many suchos! I’m trying to level up my back up bleeder Suchotator.

I am sorry, but I still do not understand “zones”… I had asked before and it was explained that it is related to time. So during the day at the same location there are four zones which change each 6 (?) hours ?
If so I don understand some people saying … “I live in zone a but work in zone b”. I am a pupil, primary school which is 2 km from my home - so I live in one zone but study in the other zone because of time?
Or are zones related to distances or districts, or what ever (?) ? … I live in Europe where distances are very small and I can be in three capitals within two hours or seven countries within three hours just with family car drive.

@anon31474549 go to metahubs website and search “spawn mechanics” I can post the pictures, but they explain the details of it.

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Check out the MetaHub article for sure, but I’ll give a brief explanation as well.

Time of day doesn’t change what zone you’re in, but it changes the types of dinosaurs that you’ll see. For example, Velociraptor appears at night and during dawn/dusk. Conversely, Apatosaurus appears during the day and dawn/dusk. Some creatures, like Baryonyx, can be found at any time of the day.

There are three*** main types of spawns in this game: global, zone, and park spawns. Global spawns can appear anywhere. For example, T-Rex is a global day/dawn/dusk spawn. Baryonyx is a global anytime spawn.

Zone spawns (better known as habitat zone spawns) will only appear in a specific habitat zones. There are four habitat zones in all (abbreviated to L1, L2, L3, & L4). For example, you know you’re in habitat zone 1 (L1) if you’re seeing a lot of Deinocheirus and Majungasaurus. If you’re hunting for Epic Monolophosaurus, you know you’re in the right zone for it if you’re seeing Diplocaulus and Allosaurus.

Habitat zones, at best, are anywhere from .5 to 1 sq. kilometer in size…You’ll recognize that you’re in a different habitat zone based on the types of creatures you’re seeing. Sometimes all it takes is crossing a major road to enter a different zone.

Finally, park spawns are…you guessed it…exclusive to parks or green areas on your in-game map. Tanycolagreus, for example, is a park spawn. However, park spawns don’t necessarily spawn in parks—they may also spawn next to green Event Supply Drops, which might be quite far from your nearest park.

***There were nest spawns as well (certain dinosaurs more likely to be found near restaurants, auto repair shops, etc.), but MetaHub didn’t include a chart for this in their latest article, so I’ll leave this be.

Hope this helps!


I don’t see Diplodocus in any of the spawns

I’m in Zone 2 according to the chart. Since the update, there’s nothing around my house but euoplocephalus and irritator gen 2. There’s so many euos they’re starting to look like a bunch of bugs. It’s so boring.

I m zone 2 as well, full with einio

How do you know which zones you are located? I’m confused!