[POLL] What Zone Do You Live In?

Hi, @Lou_Rivers. Take a look at the MetaHub chart above. If you’re seeing a lot of the following…

-Deinocheirus & Majungasaurus ---- you’re in Zone 1.
-Einiosaurus & Euoplocephalus ----- you’re in Zone 2.
-Allosaurus and Diplocaulus ----- that’s Zone 3.
-Monolophosaurus Gen 2 & Suchomimus----- Zone 4.

Obviously, there are more than just two dinosaurs in each zone. But when you see specific and prolific commons in a particular area, that will tell you what zone you’re in. That way, if you’re looking for elusive Epics like Sinoceratops or Ankylosaurus, you’ll know whether or not you’re hunting in the right area.

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Thanking @Ulfhednar for his precious help, here is the list of dinos any person can create without living his local area, just took into consideration each local spawnings and the global ones, not taking into account park spawns or arena exclusive dinos Dna:

Feel free to comment, but no complaining about who has got the worst zone please :sweat_smile:

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Commons and rares from any zone aren’t a problem when there’s an epic ingredient involved. Zones 1 and 2 have the easy uniques since their anytime epics are the sole epic ingredients for the respective uniques.

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I live in Zone 1, but pretty much on the border of 3 to the east and 4 to the south. I work in 3.