[Poll] What's your favorite Non-Dinosaur? (favorite, not most Rare or whatever)

  • Koolasuchus (1st/2nd Gen)
  • Diplocaulus (1st/2nd Gen)
  • Kaprosuchus
  • Postosuchus
  • Purrusaurus (1st/2nd Gen)
  • Nundasuchus
  • Ophiacodon
  • Sarcosuchus

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I do like Kaprosuchus and Purrusaurus, they look cool.


Kaprosuchus is my favourite, but apparently I clicked the middle of the screen and the forums selected Postosuchus without confirming for me. First time a forum has done it like that for me, without a way to change it, but oh well.


But … you can just click a different one to change your vote (until poll is closed of course).


Ah okay. At first it wouldn’t let me change my vote. Looks like it was a cache error!


It’s got a big dumb head, but man has that thing netted me some surprise wins.


Postasuchus! She’s such a little scrapper and so cute, like an angry kitty. :3 Plus, better hp and damage than her epic hybrid. I wish there were more or that she were more viable in the meta but I can’t justify leveling her much more when she can’t play with the big boys, but, I kept her on my team up through Badlands like an obstinate idjit. (she’s only level 9. She never spawns around here so I have to rely on incubators for her. I’m glad she’s in parks right now.)


I like Ophiacodon, because her name is almost oppia (learn to finnish)!! I call her very much Oppiacodon!


I can’t believe you didn’t put Velociraptor as one that thing has one shotted so many people it’s crazy. A level 3 velociraptor can compete with a level 10 like they’re equal.


“Favorite reptile” not “dinosaur” was the point.


So…a velociraptor isnt a reptile? :thinking:


Obviously dinosaurs are reptiles, but no one of
the reptiles in this poll is a dinosaur.


Cuz this poll didn’t contain me, I’ve gonna randomly choose one.

Or I’ll definitely vote myself.:t_rex:

Also mention, Koolasuchus & Diplocaulus are amphibians, not reptiles.


Yeah, Poll would be better labeled “non-dinosaur” species.