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[Poll] Which carnivore is best?

Just a friendly poll here… which carnivore should I max first? They all seem very good, but I don’t have DNA for more than maxing 1.

  • Pachygalo
  • Yudon
  • Cerazino

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Which is the best for the DNA it’s worth??


The best costwise is cerazinosaur hands down.

At 48k dna it is far cheaper than yudon but it is not that much weaker than it. If your trying to conserve your dna I would definitely work on cera out of the 3.


I agree with @Aether_12 for the cerazinosaurus but I’ve saved enough dna to max yudon I just need a troodon tournament

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Depends on what you’re looking for.

Tanky? Patchygalo

Cost? Cerazino

Balance + Strength? Yudon.

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Remember when cerazinos dna cost was broken and it costed like just 5000 dna

I dont, I wasnt playing the game at that point.

I think it’s still broken, costs nearly half of creatures it’s not that much weaker too lol.

Well cerazino is best to max for a couple of reasons.

  1. It’s good on cost
  2. Cerato is a battle stage and theri is a common appearance in earth shattering event

cerazino; he’s the weakest in terms of ferocity, but he costs around 30k less while still being able to fight against the caliber of opponents that pachy/yudon go up against. he also takes much less time to cool off(3 days 8 hrs), compared to yudon(4 days 5 hrs) and pachy(6 days 13 hrs).