Poll: which of the 3 new exclusives should be non exclusive?

To add salt to the wound, all 3 had to be playing some role in the new movie. But even if you care about Dominion or not what do you guys think we deserve a chance to actually hunt and grind for? Personally Rexy mainly because you have other options to grind for the dna of the other 2

  • Therizinosaurus
  • Giganotosaurus
  • Rexy

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There is no poll?

All of them


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All of them. There’s too many exclusives already. No more are needed.


Where is the option for all of them?


Personally I don’t think we need any more exclusives. There are too many already. However, I can see Rexy being the one creature there that probably should be more than the others. As long as everyone gets a fair shot at collecting them all, I don’t honestly mind.


None of them should be exclusive.

Sorry forgot about that 1. Cannot change poll now sadly

Thats good then everyone already has the same fair shot to fork over $100 for her already. No discrimination here! Ya I can agree with you though rexy makes the most sense to be exclusive but still done poorly.

I personally think we should have Giga and Rexy as non exclsuives since both are very hyped for and never seen Therozinosaurus that hyped (possibly due to my lack of game news) but eh

I could’ve been fine if Rexy was epic and exclusive. Either that or you make her wild if she’s legendarym. Both is beyond absurd

@Ludia_Developers please take this into mind. 2 days later and most people are still asking for a fairer shot at getting Rexy

The goal of the the game is HUNTING dinos, not taking your wallet out. So, no more exclusive, let’s get back to the root of the game. So my vote: They should ALL be non exclusive… I don’t care if they are hard to find, as long as I can hunt them.