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POLL: Which one do you prefer [old system events vs new system events]

  • Old System Events
  • New System Events

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After the event reworked last week, i wanna know what you thinking about it
In my opinion, i really don’t like it, i prefer the old system. The only one good thing for the new system is 3 Treasure Chases (instead of 2 in the old systems) But the others change was sucks

  • 2 days per weeks that will have no event dinos
  • when no event dinos = no green poles, so how can we collect daily coins and cash from the green poles
  • Strike Events reduces from 16 to 11
  • This one, im not sure but i think the old systems gave us 12 attempts per one common but the new one gave us only 9 attempts per one common
  • 1 days for common dinos, how can we darting maximum attempts for the desired dinos
[News] Jurassic World Alive | Events Reworked

One more treasure chase is compensation for lack of coins from event on empty days. 20 cash gone has no compensation. They took away easy scent strikes and also two scent cause of two days without event drops. While lack easy scent strikes isn’t huge issue as you hardly ever got large scent, taking away two scents from event drops is nonsense. After reaching cash, coins limit can give you reason to continue spinning green drops even with max darts.

Had to bike on common event day with 36 or more attempt in past months and we had 2 days. Getting 36 same dinos in one day without playing 8 hours or more is impossible, especially, cause they didn’t gave us more event drops.


Who voted for the new system? :scream:


Probably Ludia. Or a troll! I voted to not want erlik in event dinos just to make everyone mad. :smiling_imp:


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It’s awful.

I mean Ludia has yet to give a valid reason for taking yet more stuff away.


Do they need to? It’s obvious with St Patricks they advanced any player to end game now they are backpeddaling trying to limit coins and DNA so they can keep milking their cash cow until it dies. Decisions like this new event schedual show this game is falling apart at the seams mostly from ludia choices!

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The new system… SUX !!!

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Yeah only Lydia would vote for new


Best poll ever.


I cast my vote as:
I don’t care, either way.


ludia probably voted yes


Hope Ludia gonna read this poll

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Probably a better chance of them reading it if we tag them (tho I’m sure they’re probably aware)

@Ned @Jorge @Ludia_Developers


I really don’t get why they always do something that makes 99% playerbase go mad? And that’s not the first time.

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I think what most of us fail to remember is that 165 votes is an extremely small minority of the player base. The players on this forum aren’t the end all be all opinion for the devs. And while yes it is overwhelmingly one sided, u can never assume the way any other person would have voted


It’s a small player base, but most likely the most committed players are here.

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Sure committed, but a very small minority nonetheless.


Surely everyone here knows that even though it’s gonna be pretty much 100% against the new system , Lucia will see it as a unequivocal success and keep it . Like they do with everything else they do that clearly sucks . Why do we bother filling out polls , they really never take any notice .


Everyone is worried about what dinos will be nerfed in 1.7 and ludia came in and nerfed the whole game on us lol.